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The innovative talent use mechanism provides a stage for talents to play their roles.

1. Build a platform for talent growth and development and establish a channel for employee growth.

In order to discover talents and make good use of them, each workshop department should establish a training plan for reserve talents, attach importance to the construction of talent echelon, and establish a training system for the major department heads, so as to truly realize the smooth road of talent growth and lay a talent guarantee for the rapid development and expansion of enterprises.

2.Use live talent.

Taking the full play of the role of all kinds of talents as the fundamental task of talent work, focusing on cultivating talents with live talents, actively provide opportunities and conditions for all kinds of talent officers to start their own businesses and realize values, and discover and retain the best talents of the enterprise.

3. Improve the talent incentive measures.

We will further implement the "two innovations" incentive mechanism, and encourage all kinds of talents to actively participate in the enterprise's management innovation and technological innovation activities, use their brains, give full play to their intelligence and wisdom, figure out good ways for enterprises to exploit potential and increase efficiency, come up with golden ideas, and make due contributions to the stable and rapid development of enterprises.