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(1) innovate personnel management mechanism and strengthen coordination and guidance on personnel work.

1. Strengthen the organization and leadership of talent work.

In order to strengthen the leadership of enterprise talent work, the group has set up a leading group of talent work with the chairman of the group as the group leader, with the deputy general manager as the deputy leader and the head of each workshop department as members, focusing on the major issues of talent work and exploring the establishment of an excellent talent system for enterprise leaders.

2. Implement the personnel work appraisal responsibility system.

In order to ensure the implementation of the talent target responsibility system, the group, in combination with the actual situation, carries out the annual review and evaluation of the middle-level and above managerial personnel, implements the separation of evaluation and recruitment, carries out the evaluation and evaluation seriously, and improves the evaluation system of the talent target of competitive positions.

(2) innovate personnel training mechanism and promote talent resource capacity building.

1. Strengthen the selection and training of party and government talents.

According to the different post characteristics of party and government talents, we should strengthen the party and government talents training education, organize management training and computer basic knowledge training for many times. At the end of the year, we will take the appointment of middle-level cadres as an opportunity to adjust and enrich outstanding young members of the grassroots, and earnestly strengthen the follow-up investigation and strict management of reserve cadres.

2.Optimize the environment for talent development.

In order to further improve enterprise staff's work enthusiasm and sense of belonging, stable and professional and technical skills and professional talent team, build a learning team, providing guarantee mechanism for enterprise and worker individual development, group specially introduced the provisions about the optimization of talent development environment, for staff to create a conducive to growth and the role of the institutional environment, build the fore cast to the mechanism of talented people, give people a broader career development space. We will continue to innovate the incentive mechanism for talents, and reward the employees who have obtained the professional and technical qualification certificates and the certificates of highly skilled professional qualification, and encourage them to be proactive, hard working and develop to a higher level.