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Free litle virgins Erotic virgin storie


Related post: Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 09:14:09 -0500
Subject: My Life as a Tramp Pt.8 (tg fiction)Disclaimer.This Story is meant mainly for adults, and is just for xxx little virgins xxx such.Story: This story has multiple parts. This is based on a story by The
Professor called Withes of Fairmount pree teen virgin panties
High, so you may have to read parts of
it in actress virgina madson nudes order to understand parts of this story.
My Life as a Tramp
Part 8
It took me an hour to wash all the sand, and salt off of me and out of my
hair. As I stepped out of the shower, and came to my cloths sitting on the
side of the sink, I came to a sort of realization, but it has little to do
with what I would normally expect. I expected to be thinking about
pregnancy, but I've been best free virgins purposely keeping that out of my mind. Then,
theirs Aeron. While I think I may have a large crush on him, it wasn't
him, or entirely him. Its Sean. We've been best friends now for years.
Ever since kindergarten, or at least that's when I normally place our
beginnings at. He's been my confidant, assistant, commander, and activity
partner. We got caught spying on adult child support virginia the girls in the changing area at camp
together, and have participated in the band, and all the same sports ever
since I can remember. We've been there for each other since
forever. While, in this body, I've had feelings for him, and been attracted
to him, I'm nudism pictures virgin
not sure that I want to see him as a boyfriend. This is
ignoring the whole part about us being good friends or me going back to
being a boy. I just feel that if I go threw with meeting Aeron, that I
would betray him somehow.I beginning slipping the cloths on that I brought into the bathroom with
me, the ones Rachel chose incest virgins top for me. I slip into the silk underwear, and
place on my bra. I then move to the red, shirt with the mesh, patterned
top. Finally, I place on the skirt. I look at my self in the mirror. All
and all, I am a very good looking female, but I am satisfied with that?I exit the bathroom. Of course Rachel and Michelle have been outside
waiting for me to finish."You look great." Rachel says as she gets up, and looks me over."Oh, our little Jessie is turning into a real woman." Michelle says with a
smile."Ha, ha, ha." virgin privat I leave for the door, content on not dealing with their
insults any longer, even though a part of me rather likes them."When were finished, your coming back in here so we can do your hair."
Rachel yells.I close the door behind me, pretending I illegal virgins porn
didn't here. active adult communities virginia
It's bad enough it
took me ten minutes to dry the stuff, but now they want me to place it in
some fancy design, I don't think so.' I find my way to the couch.Sean is currently stretch out of it, so I go for one of the side recliners."You look good." He states."I guess." I say looking at the TV. He's watching the TV guide channel, a
sure sign of nothing on.I turn from the TV, still bearing my guilt from the bathroom. I figure,
the best person to deal with this is him, so I turn to him."So, Sean." erotic virgin stories I start rather quietly."What's up." He says, eagerly sitting up from his 101 russian virgins relaxed position on the
couch."I'm guessing virgins desnudas you saw what happened on the beach earlier." I know Sean is
no idiot. There's no way he couldn't have, but I don't know how he would
take it, this situation is unprecedented."Yeah, you almost got hit by the surfer guy, but your alright though.""Its more than that. He..." I don't believe I'm about to say this "asked
me russians virgin boys
out, and I stupidly said yes. But, I'll blow him off if you want me
too.""Why russian virgin girl porn
would I free russian virgin movie
do that?" He asks in a way that only accentuates his uncaring
about the situation."What do you mean? I thought you'd be jealous?"He sits up properly and develops a serious look. "Listen, I figured this
might free virgin porno pics come up. We've been friends since, well, a very long time now, and I
one day thought about what if we were to be boyfriend and girlfriend. But I
figured that, that's something we could do together, but I like being
friends more. No offence, I like girls and all, and your definitely a
looker, but I've known you for so long, your almost like a sister to me.
So, I always nudism virgins thought it would be rather odd if we did do anything.""Wow. That's mature. I didn't even think of that.""Yeah. But, if you want to compare body parts, I'm aaall open." He's back
to joking again."I don't think virgin pussy pie teen so bro." I say readying to throw a pillow at him, but I
slouch back in the chair before I can even arm myself. "So," I start on a
new subject, petites virgins "What's on TV?" Threw out dinner, my mind raced virgin girls getting fucked
threw what to
do. danish virgins tits That boy said he would be here, but I haven't seen him yet. Of
course, the large banquet room seems to be filled to capacity. So threw
out the lousy speeches and the sales quota announcements, and the `its all
about selling the craft' talk, I did nothing but think about him. I though
about his smile, his looks, his body, his man hood, I came extremely close
to drowning myself in the fountain out front.Of course, that was a while ago. Now I'm stuck, in the lobby by said
fountain, and he hasn't shown. little nude virgin Its been ten minutes, and it seems ilegal virgin pussy as if
most of at risk youth virginia
the people from the banquet have already pilled out. I just close
my eyes, and Lttle virgin blondes begin xxx 16 virgins
to think how stupid I am for doing this."Hello?" A voice suddenly calls in an odd accent. I open my eyes, and
there he is in all his glory. Aeron stands in front of me, looking rather
modest. While, earlier I was ready to drown myself, I now find myself
standing, and gazing at him awkwardly."Hey." I say rather muted."Sorry I was little late. It was hard getting out of there."By the name tag on his coat, I can tell he has been to the dinner. `So, I
guess he does have an excuse after all.'"That's fine." I say explaining virginity to children for some odd reason. "So, what do we do?" I say. In
actuality, parts of me have already decided what they want. My lower
sections once again are beginning to fire themselves up. I try to ignore
the urge."Well, there's a place that serves good ice cream down the street. If you
want any?""That's fine."With that we start russian virginz torrent off down the street. As we proceed, we begin talking
about ourselves. Apparently, he's from a part of France that is bordered,
and has often been owned by Germany. So while his legal nationality is
French, both he and his brother are fluent in both languages. Apparently
they often will speak to each other in the language other than the one the
previous one speaks in. Its simply a game for them. Apparently, his
mother is showing of a yacht for a custom ship yard in France, which is why
there here. As for his surfing career, he's been all over the world, and
has competed in Jr. events, and won. little virgins 10
When the conversation came to me, I
told him strictly only what I know of my life as a girl.We continued walking for what must have been a mile, but I didn't care. Of
course, I'm sort little virgin cp kds of use to that length of walk anyway as everything in my
area is convenient as long as your willing to walk there. We arrived at
the ice cream place after about thirty minutes. The small shop is set up
with outside tables overlooking the beach. I'm actually surprised they
manage to build this place here, but the business was good, too good. In
fact, we had a hard time finding small virgin girls russian a table, but what we find is excellent.
We could easily see both the inland water way, virgin porn hymen cp and the beach. The moment
was made even better as a cruise ship heads out to sea rather late. Once
again we begin talking. Since nether one of us are use to talking a gay woodbridge virginia lot,
we both tend to share the conversation. We both have a lot of interest
together, we both play an instrument (even though only my boy self plays
the instrument, a fact I forgot virgin lollita as I said it), we shaved 69 virgins both enjoy swimming, but
I assume that would be obvious. As the conversation proceeds, I find myself
hooked on his every word. virginia youth hockey Its something I would have never believed. By
the time we arrive back at the hotel, its going on nine thirty, which means
we've been out for over an hour and a half. virgins porno art I've never been out on a date,
let alone for that long. Oddly enough free virgin por
though, I actually enjoyed myself.
Once my body clamed down, I enjoyed his company, even though just looking
at him was always wonderful.The next day came the good, and the bad. angels virgins fuck boys
The good part of the day was that
we were able to view all the luxury boats that none of our parents can
afford. The bad news, we couldn't do half the activities that were
advertised. You had to be sixteen in order to take out a Seadoo, and the
boat test drives were exclusively for those who have their licenses. So
that means virgin schoolgirl things even worst. As for the parasailing and the viewing, that
all went by just fine. Eventually, we all retired to the beach. Once
again I met up with my wood be boy friend. He was once again showing his
brother how to surf. Of course, he almost immediately noticed me, and then
his brother noticed me as well, and rolled his eyes at the sight of
me. Aeron on the other hand gave me a long, passionate stare as he all but
flatly ignored his brother. This caused illegal virgin sex
the little boy to take his board
and run out into the water. An action he knew would cause his brother to
fallow.The next day saw backseat virgin sex party me fighting threw my suite case. On short trips I usually
never unpack, but this time I wish I had. For some odd reason, some part
of me was looking for the most noticeable thing I have in stock. Then
again, I was the one who originally little virgins free clips wanted to keep the seductive cloths to
a minimum. After realizing that I had nothing to wear, I decided just to
throw on a shirt and some shorts I have, and just leave it at that. I only
feel fortunate that my neither me cousin, nor Rachel witnessed the whole
event. Later that morning, Aaron and I bumped into each other in the lobby
of the hotel. Oddly enough its by the same sport we met at the previous
day."Hey," I say still rather to nervous for my taste."Hey, so what's up?""Nothing. You?""Nothing."We both stand there awkwardly, looking for an excuse virgin porn tgp
to say something.
Little did we know that excuse was on the horizon, or teen virgin ass
to be more specific,
the elevator."Hey Jessie," Its Rachel, and she seems as happy as she normally is. I turn
immediately around to see her Michelle and Sean standing there watching us.
"We all decided were going to head down to Miami for the day.""That sounds like fun." I say rather oddly."Hey, he can come with us, if he wants."Oh, that's right, I never really did introduce any of them."Aaron, this is Rachel, Sean, and my cousin Michelle, everyone this is
Aaron.""Hi." They almost all say in unison."So what about it?" Rachel starts up again."Why not, I heard its suppose to rain today anyway. But I would definitely
have to bring my brother along.""That's, fine." That's not fine. His little brother defiantly doesn't like
me, and I really don't know much about him, other than he's been
practically all over the world, speaks two foreign languages fluently, and
is way richer than I am. Nope I don't know much about him at all."I'll go get him.""Take your time." I say, but I immediately fallow up with a "Were on our
way to breakfast." Just so I don't sound completely horrible.We meet back up with Aaron and his brother and about nude virgin free videos two hours afterwards,
we are in Miami. From there, we go just about anywhere are teenage hearts,
and wallets, will allow. As we travel around, seeing the sights, for some
reason, I get the feeling that, even though I'm little girls virgins not on a date, everyone is
treating me as if I'm on one. I think even Aaron is catching that same
vibe.About mid day, we all settle down in a rather fancy fast food restaurant in
Miami Beach. As we order are food, by some bad mistake, both mine and
Stephan's, Aaron's little brother, food comes out first, and we are free litle virgins forced
to our seat, alone. We sit down in the booth, and begin dipping out the
food from the brown, low cut box. The food is rather greasy, but then
again, once in a while won't hurt. I take my sandwich, fries and
milkshake, and place them near free little virgin pics me. At first we just sit there, eating, not
saying much. Getting rather worried, I decide to break the sex picture virgins
silence."So, how are you enjoying the day?" I ask him."Its fine." He answers in an accent that is identical to his brother's."So were, you suppose to go surfing today?" polish virgin pussy I ask carefully."No. Mom didn't want us to due to the thunderstorms we were suppose to
have."Yeah, the thunderstorms there've talked about ever day since we've been
here, saying it could be an early tropical storm, the storms that haven't
even hinted to their arrival. The sky has been completely clear ever since
we left the hotel. The only things we've seen fly overhead have been
birds, and planes."So, are you enjoying your time here in the states?"He shrugs. "Usually always do.""So, how do you guys go to school?""Mom uses a world TV classrume on the Satelite.""What about your dad?" I ask. It was a question I've wanted to ask Aaron
for a while, but never had the courage. In all the talking we did the
other day, he never mentioned his dad."Him. He's probably screwwin the lasted round of secretaries at his
office. I guess my brother never told you bout him.""No, not really.""Then he must like you. He usually only talks about him to people he
doesn't like."That sounds odd, but okay, but "Why?""Because he talks about him as if he's the devil. But, he doesn't realize
mom started it. He won't admit it.""Huh, and I guess he does that to drive people away?""Uh hu. You see, about two years after I was born, mom started gettin sick
of there love life, wantd more the action she use to get when she was
single. So she got dad interested in humpin with other guys, then other
girls. Its just that, one free nude virgin pictures day, Aarin caught dad with a girl in the bedroom
one day. He didn't know mom was in the can at the time doing something.""What?"He shrugs, "Omthing about a ancient roman vestal virgins strap on dildo. Anyway he never forgouve him.
Eventually, dad got to horney, and mom wasn't in the mood after Aaron
caught them, will dad. So they split, then finally divorced. Mom dates
regularly, humps em all, but Aaron won't virgine little angel porn see it. Dad sends us tons a money
a month. He's still in love with mom, but is still as horney as hell.""Well, kiddy sex virgin I can see how that would be a problem.""Mom turned him into a sex mainiac.""So, how do you know this?""I snuck in his therapist offifous and stoole his record. I tried to get
Aaron to listin but he won't.""Oh, I guess to a point I would have a hard time to." I say looking down
at my food."but don't virginia beach webcam let it on you knw. He has the hots for ya in all.""What, so you don't hate me."The boy preeteen virgin
shrugs again. "Well, you got bit tits. Its just that you virgin incest stories
getten virgin girls forums in our way in we have to leave for France in a few. Otter than that
your fine."`Thanks for the big tit comment kid. You realize I'm still self conscious
about this body don't you.'By that point, Aaron, and the others make their way over to the table, and
sit. I haven't the heart to tell him, but I can almost agree with his
motive. At the wrong time in your life when you don't understand people's
sexual urges, you don't really know what their `playtime' activities really
are.We spend another three hours out in Miami before heading back to
Ft. Lauderdale. Its only an hour train ride, but the clear blue skies
almost immediately turned to cold and grey. I was already to go back to
the hotel when it was decided we would get a movie and watch it in the
hotel room."That's fine." I respond as Aaron and I are drafted to recover the movie.Everyone else headed to the hotel, including Stephen who was happily lured
by the prospect of pop corn. see virgins porno It was a twenty minute trip to the video
store, but it was the return trip that would end poorly.A little over a mile from the hotel, and started it illegal virgin
coming. Buckets and
buckets of rain came down. The torrential down poor became rather painful,
and the streets and sidewalks immediately flooded."Were not making it back to the hotel in this!" I yell over the rain."This way." with that, Aaron begins leading down one of the docks. The
dock erotic virgin photo
supervisors, this dock is apart of the boat show, is closing the door
as this part of the show is rained out. He shows him some sort of card,
and the man lets us pass. We run down the dock to the largest boat, no,
ship, at the peer. It must be at least a hundred feet long, on close to
four decks, and it's our destination. This erotic stories of virgins
is only confirmed by Aaron
whipping out a virgins nude pics key, and jamming it into the lock, and letting us in. We
both step into the at dock level room, where virgin kiddy he closes the door. He then
turns on the lights were I get a good view of the large boat in motor boat
stored in this section of the yacht. Beyond that is a car."Wow, you are loaded." I say shivering in the cold room.Aaron shrugs. "I guess." He then looks at me. "We need to get you warmed
up. Come on." He takes me over to a closet and pulls out some full length
towels. "There's a bathroom back there. You can take off your cloths, and
put them into the washroom back there."`I've been here before.' I thought to myself."I don't think that's a good idea.""Why not, you wear that and you'll get sick.""Well, I like you and all, but I don't want you, seeing me.""Um, well," he then turns completely red. "Your already, on, display."He then ushers to my chest. I look down to see that the white shirt I chose
to wear is giving him a perfect view of the lacy bra I'm wearing below. To
make things worst, I'm holding myself in a way that basically props them
up.Without saying a word, I take the towel, and proceed into the bathroom.
Within a few minutes, I strip, and cover myself in the towel. I try
rapping around myself like I've seen Rachel have it, as if it's a robe. I
look behind me in the rather plastic looking bathroom, and find the small
wash machine and dryer, one standing atop the other. I place my stuff in
the dryer and close it. Figuring that Aaron would want to do the same, I
neglect to turn it on. I just proceed out into the `wet area' of the boat,
but Aaron is not to be found. I find a door open that wasn't before, and
assume that he has proceeded elsewhere on this mega yacht. I leave the
room and head out into the hallway. Now in a carpeted area, there are dark
foot prints highlighting the way Aaron must have gone. I follow them up to
the main level and then forward. This eventually takes me to a room up
front. virgin pussy
The door to the room is partially open. I push it open and look
inside. Aaron, with a towel around his waste, jets up from a dresser."Hey.""So, I'm guessing this is your room?" I ask.He nods. "Most of our stuff is in a storage room, or in the hotel, but I
keep a dresser with some cloths in it, but its nothing good though, just a
pair of swim trunks and a shirt.""Oh. So I guess, I was just going to sit around the boat naked while, you
got dressed.""Well, you can take them. I'm fine as is." He's nervous, and must think
he upset me, but I was just joking. This Free tiny virgin titties
is technically his house, and I
would do the same."I'm joking you know." I say with a smile. innocent art virgins "So, why don't you take me for
a tour of this cruise ship."A smile springs to his face, and he immediately heads towards the door.
"All right miss, but keep in mind, this ship's on display, so must be kept
clean.""Yes, I noticed by the wet foot prints all over the floor you really care
for the rule to."He looks down at the floor, possibly for the first free virgin pussy time, and see's the
footprints."Well, they should dry in a little while. But first, we must go back down
stairs, so I can put my cloths in the dryer, and turn it on.""Down stairs then." It took us a good fifteen minutes to explore the
richly appointed ship. Styled in a Mediterranean style, the ship is rich
with peaches, and color washed reds. We virginnudegallery
explored all four decks of the
boat. We stopped by barley legal virgins all the glance virgin mobile important stops, including the engine room,
the kitchen, the master bed room, and the bridge. innocent virgins The tour ends back at
the kitchen, and while virgin girl blonde incest he scrounges the pantry for food, I inform Sean and
the others as to are location. I leave out certain details, such as the
fact that I'm practically naked. Afterwards, I look out Adult personals danville virginia
the window to see
the massive down poor continuing."Man, if this keeps up, it flood out the city." I say to myself.At that point Aaron walks back around, and hands me a banana. "Its some
show fruit, but its all we have on board.""Well, if the storm takes to long, Gay dating west virginia
we'll virgins pix just push threw to the hotel." I
say already tearing off the skin."Yes, well, there are sill umbrellas on board, so we shouldn't have a
problem there.""Good."We retire to the main salon were I begin to take a seat. I reach my left
arm down on the left side of the coach, and begin to sit, but this movement
must have been to much for my make shift clothing as my towel immediately
falls to neked virgins
the ground, completely."Ahh." I say as I reach down to the ground. But it's no good just pulling
it up. The whole towel completely unwrapped. To make matters worst, in my
confusion to place it back on, I turn towards Aaron, reviling my front.
Before I can pull it back up, and place it around me, he immediately tents
his own towel. As I begin trying to re-wrap the towel, but my attention
immediately shifts back to him, and his crotch. anal galore virgin
My stare doesn't even get
much information, but I don't need to look long. It's tall and only
getting taller, to the point of compromising his own towel. I didn't
realize it, but this whole situation was only a few seconds long, and Aaron
was just beginning to react, but I was already taken. My body immediately
adopted a craving for him. It was so powerful, that it somehow shut down
my brain. All I can do is feel a slick of fluid begin to pass down the
inside of my legs, as my spot warms to a burning desire, and beings to
contract in anticipation of his arrival.As Aaron moves to cover himself, without even thinking, I drop my towel,
and this time on purpose. Aaron takes note. I can tell he's caught off
guard, but he gets the idea relatively shortly, and lets his manhood
desecrate his own make shift clothing. His towel falls to the floor, and
reviles what my mind has hungered to see since I met asian virgins fucking
him, and his is large,
even larger than Mike. He seems rather embarrassed, but I don't care. My
mind is completely overwhelmed. It just look at his free fucking virgin perfect, uncut head,
and I know it must be mine. I begin walking over to him, looking like some
sort of slut. porno virgin girl I kneel down by his waste, and look it over. Its long and
completely swollen from all the blood in it. I just take it in my mouth,
and begin sucking on it. It taste excellent, even better than Mike, as it
was a sort of salty, yet clean taste. As I taste it, I immediately hunger
to have his seed in my mouth, I impatiently suck harder and harder. I
reach my arms around him, and grab his perfect butt, and brace him for
more. He must get the message and he grabs the back of my head. His hold
only increased my want of his seed in my mouth. I began sucking his hose
harder and joung virgin porn
harder, as if life itself depended on it. As I yong virgins thumb
sucked an
amazing thing happened, his rod got harder, longer, and wider. I didn't
think it pussy virgins was possible. It definitely wasn't when I was a guy. Eventually,
I can kitty virgin mpegs
tell he maxed, but what I am left with is far too large to fit down
my throat, but it wasn't for lack of trying. A slight change in his
posture told me it is time. I get to see whether or not this man can put
out any virgin hard sex were near the amount his cock is capable of delivering. My
questions little virgin sex pictures are answered as Aaron spasms, and gallon upon gallon of fluid is
emptied into my mouth. I can't handle his load at all, and immediately
pull back from him. But his cock's assault on me is not complete as more
and more of his juices fly out on my face and chest. Eventually the waves
of fluid lesson till only a droplet is left. Its at this time I get a good
look at his member fully erect. I know that the level of erectness can
often depend on the stimuli, but I would have never guessed that he could
be that big. At the very least his eleven inches long. I didn't even
think it was possible, but I want it in me and I don't care how much it
hurts.Seeing his obvious power I decide that simply sucking him would not be
enough for my mind. I search for any inhibitions only to find none. russian litle virgin girls So I
stand, attempt to wipe some of his seed off me, but Aaron seems to have no
regard for this. He just takes me and kisses me as hard as possible.
Before I can even realize it, we are inside his bed room. After pushing
the covers aside, I lay down on the comfortable mattress and wait gratis sex by virgin for him
to take me. He kindly, but slowly starts to do so. With a few soft kisses
on the neck, he begins to maneuver his still hard member in between my
legs. The start of his assault is obvious, and painful. No matter how
many my body was suppose to have already handled, his has to been by far
the largest. My passage way tightly grips his advancing rod. I can feel
it being litle virgin girls opened more, and more and more. I pic sex teen virgin can help but to let out a
little yelp with the amount of strain he places on my insides. Eventually,
the widening sensation ends, only to be introduced to a length problem. I
had never been penetrated so deep before. I can very easily imagine him on
the back of my wall, pressing against my uterus door way. Soon, he stops,
and then settles on top of me. The torture test is finished, he's inside
of me. For a few minutes, we just lie there, both getting use to the
sensations that nether of us are use to. He, I imagine, must be a virgin,
so isn't use to being inside a woman. Me on the other hand, I am just not
use to having someone, or something so deep inside of me. Eventually, we
become accustom to the new sensation, and nature quickly takes over. He
begins slowly pulling out, and then pushing back in me. illeagel teen virgin pussy Now, it is his
turn to perform, but he doesn't have to do much. With only one revolution
completed, I am already on the verge of cumming. He is simply too much to
handle for any extended period of time. Suddenly, a second revolution
begins, and ends, and already I can feel liquids squirt pass his dick. A
pressure builds within me, a massive one, more intense than before. My
body spasm uncontrollably already and we've only just gotten started. I
begin to loose all sense, as my brain is simply overloaded with the amount
of signals flooding in it. He completes his fifth pump, and has yet to get
faster, but it's too late, I'm already there."hu,hu, hu!" I scream, no longer caring about anything. virgin girl nude photos What little mind
I have free teen pics virgins left studies his face, I can tell he too is on the verge. But I
can't stop myself. Its simply to much. My mind drawls an instant blank little virgins nude
my pressure valve releases. As I feel my juices flood the space between my
legs, and my body spasms out of control, I xxx virgin nymphs begin to feel as if something is
missing, like something kid virgin happened that wasn't suppose to. But the wave of
pleasure quickly extinguish such thoughts. Aaron himself falls down on me,
I can tell he's finished himself, and that's all that matters.To be Continued...Writer's NoteWell, thank you all for reading this much of my story, but there are a few
things I would like to say before we come to the end. First, this story
was completed over three months before I managed to get them all posted,
its not my day job. Now I am always looking for comments, both positive and
negative, but I would mainly like them on plot. All of the first emails I
received were rather rash, or in other words people were saying that the
story (from a grammatical perspective) was completely horrible. Now, I
proof read all of these stories 3 times before I even thought about posting
them. Now, I know there are mistakes, but if you can understand the story,
that its not that bad. For these English teachers, I suggest reading a few
standard novels (which as a college student with a double major, I have
been rather required to read) you will note that they all tend russian ls virgins
to have made
up language, and word misusage, and even a few spelling mistakes. SO DO
THAT. I think I speak for all the writers on this site when I say that we
are AMATURES. Give us a break. We don't have copy editors, or (especially
in my case) people you know who would dare tell you're writing on such a
subject matter.Back to this story, I do plan on doing a sequel to the series, and would
like any feedback.Thank you
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