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Related post: Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 06:53:29 -0800 (PST)
From: don mumford
Subject: MIKE, HIS BIKE & ME (Alternate Part 4 TOM BROWN'S SPANKING)Tony was talking in his unique lisping way, "That new
kid has the smallest dick I ever seen. He took a piss
in the urinal right next to me. I couldn't: not
look". He nodded his head at Joey and then at me
trying to get confirmation from us that he was correct
about having to look ...we gave him blank stares. He
acted annoyed, but continued with his dissertation
..... " Ya know, a little tiny dick on a kid in
the 10th grade? It's funny as hell. Check him out
in the showers after gym or something? The new
fucking kid.. with the tiny dick?""Why do you keep going on about this, Tony?" Asked
Joey as he groped at his crotch.... "What new kid?
And who looks at a guy's dick anyway? What the fucks
wrong with you?" Tony argued about something and
then Joey said something after that..... but I wasn't
paying attention anymore, it was a 'Tony & Joey'
moment.... I let their words evaporate before they
reached me. This was right after the first of the
year and we were in our High School cafeteria
sitting around a lunch table. So far it was Tony,
Joey and me. We always ate lunch together ....usually
with Mike and Kyle too, but for some reason those two
weren't here yet. The rest of our gang had the
second lunch break so it was usually just the five of
us.I was gazing outside as I chewed my grilled cheese
sandwich. Nothing special, just watching the light
snow swirl around and eventually melt on the cafeteria
windows. It was typically cold weather for this time
of year in Wildwood. I didn't care how cold it got.
Today my head was full of happy thoughts because last
night Mike and his Mom, and my Dad and me went out to
dinner together. During dinner we discussed Mike
staying with me at my dad's house for the remainder of
this school year. Everyone was quickly in agreement
that this was a good idea. I was probably more in
agreement than anybody else because I'm in love with
Mike. Mike is almost completely recovered from the
stabbing incident of last summer, but he's not totally
100% fully recovered yet. So from Mike's perspective,
some bad news..he's not quite strong enough to try
out for the wrestling team this year. A real
disappointment for him. I was secretly happy about
it because it meant I could spend more time with him.
Wrestling practice is three hours after school, five
days a week. If Mike had tried out for the team I
would have tried out too. Not much chance I'd have
made it, but I would have tried my ass off anyway.
Oh well, I don't have to worry about that now.As far as my perspective.....well, things have never
looked better for me. I was day-dreaming these
thoughts when reality intruded in the form of Tony,
again... "Do you know his name, Richie?" I looked
up and said, "What?" It's something I say quite
often. Tony patiently repeated himself, "Small dick
.... the nonude preteen photo new kid....what's his name?" I put my
index finger to my lips as if I was deep in thought
and said, "Hmmm, let me think! Small dick's name
wouldn't be 'Tony'.... would it?" Tony says, "No I
don't think so... that don't sound right." models preteen topsites I really
like Tony because what you see is what you get. He is
exactly as he appears to be. No subtlety, no sarcasm
.....not a lot in the way of brains either, but a
sweet nature and a great friend. He assumed my guess
was sincere .... he didn't know I was teasing him.No one knew or cared what 'small dick's' name was and
shortly the conversation drifted on in other
directions. It had made me think that the new kid in
question was definitely not Tom Brown. Not if a small
dick was part of the package. Tom certainly qualified
as a new kid at school, but he definitely did not
have a small dick. As I thought about this I took a
look at him. He was holding court at his own lunch
table on the other side of the cafeteria. Tom and
his big dick never ate lunch with us. Tom mostly
hung out with the snobby Abercrombie and Fitch crowd.
Of course, since he lived a few doors down from Mike
and me we saw him often, but usually only briefly.
I remembered the first time I saw Tom. It was on our
front porch.... before school started. On that day
Tom was wearing only tight gym shorts and it looked
like he had a pair of sweat socks stuffed up in there
to increase the crotch bulge. No tiny dick in there.
It looked absurdly large preteens r ygold and I couldn't help but stare
for a preteen webcam clips
second or two. japan preteen porn
Naturally, he'd caught me
looking.I checked the wall clock, Mike still hadn't shown up
for lunch yet and lunch period was half over already.
Mike and I have discussed Tom Brown a number of
times. We'd noticed that Tom doesn't miss much.
He's very smart and he picks up every little nuance in
anything you say. Also, he is always doing that
double entendre routine where he says something that
is sexually suggestive, almost always with a gay
theme.... but it could also mean something innocent.
He's a challenge alright. Mike and me can't figure
out if Tom Brown is gay or if it's just that he thinks
Mike and me are gay. Or maybe it's something else
entirely. In any case, Mike thinks Tom is big
trouble just waiting to happen........... they have a
very cool relationship......meaning they don't get
along real well. Not cool, like....kewl! Frankly,
I think that Tom shows a little bit too much interest
in me. Most of this interest translates into him
bullying me or bossing me around. Tom does this when
it's just him and me........ Mike nowhere in sight.Tell you the truth, he reminds me of Mike sometimes.
The way Mike was when Mike and me first met. And,
along those lines... I have to admit that Tom is one
hot looking guy. Funny thing is, before I met Mike,
I never would have thought to say anything like that
last comment about Tom being hot. I didn't notice
other boys then.... now I do. Mike's still number
one when it comes to looks though .... that's not even
close. But still, I gotta say, Tom has some sort of
an exotic look. I don't know exactly what to call it
...his bright green eyes contrasting with dark brown
hair and his olive complexion. Fabulous mouth, full
lips....cute smile....milk white teeth behind full,
sexy lips. Really cute face, actually.Hell, it didn't stop there either. He has a great,
taut body too. Fairly tall....well, he's almost my
height which preteen world incest is 5'10"......Mike's a couple inches
taller than Tom and me. All three of us are thin,
but the big difference between the three of us.....
Mike and Tom are strong. I'm not. Tom has muscular
looking legs and the word is he was on the track team
at his previous High School. It really doesn't
happen too often that Tom, Mike and me are together,
but when we are, Mike and Tom are very competitive.
Arm wrestling, foot races, sports knowledge, eating
the most pizza....anything.... you name it, and
they'll try to out do each other. Makes preteen thigh model me
uncomfortable.Another unusual thing, and I'm not at all sure how it
happened, but in just three months almost everyone in
school knows who Tom Brown is.. I'm new here this
year too and it's not even close.....Tom is much
better known than me. Mostly I'm known as Mike's
friend and he is well known from his wrestling team
victories last year as a Freshman. Considering the
way us High School kids are, it's surprising that,
what with Mike and me living and hanging together so
much, no one has suggested that we're "gay". 15yo loita preteen I half
expected it, but... nothing. Well, with the one
exception being those smart ass comments from good
old Tom Brown. Of course, even though we do many
gay sex acts together, Mike doesn't think of himself
as "gay". He thinks I am, but according to bikini preteen art
Mike, he
is just going through an adolescent 'phase'. He's
just experimenting with his sexuality. I don't really
care.....whatever makes Mike feel comfortable is OK
with me.As I'm thinking about these things, Mike and Kyle
finally do show up at our lunch table. They were
looking very pleased with themselves too. Somehow
they'd been successful in getting dates for the
school's "Winter Dance". That's why they were late
coming down for lunch. Amazingly they'd talked the
Baxter twins into going with them to the dance. These
are two very popular girls and they rarely date
outside their own species. They are apparently making
an exception for the Winter Dance...... Mike and Kyle
are closer to the Gothic crowd than the Abercrombie &
Finch crowd where the Baxter girls can usually be
found. Ah, what the hell....we all gave
congratulating high fives and fist bumps ..... almost
as if we cared.I didn't show it, but I did care...... a lot, but not
in a positive way. I was really unhappy and
disappointed because I wanted Mike to go 'stag' like
me and the other guys. I was jealous that Mike was
taking a date and I was even more jealous that he was
double dating with Kyle and not with me. I could
feel my face getting red. I told the guys at the
table that I had to get to my next class early to get
some help with a Math assignment. Embarrassing, but I
was afraid my freaking eyes were going to start
tearing-up. hard preteen cock
Man, I need to get a grip .....and I need
to realize that Mike doesn't belong to me.After finishing our homework that afternoon I worked
up the courage to ask Mike why he and Kyle had come up
with this crazy idea to take dates to the dance. He
looked at me with his stern face and said, "Why the
fuck do you think I have to explain my every action to
you? Just for the record though, I've been trying to
get a date with Tonya for a year now. You get to suck
my cock, Richie ....not pry into my personal life."
I mumbled that I was just wondering, that's all.Mike must have detected the deep disappointment in my
voice because he russian preteens gratis looked hard at me for a few seconds
and then his face softened and in a bit of a
frustrated voice he said, "OK, Ok ....even though
it's much too early for this, go on in the bedroom
and get undressed. Make it fast ...... I'll let you
suck me off. preteen modelx Shit, I hate to see you pouting .....
so, what the hell, maybe as a special preteen olita bbs
treat.... if
you're really good, I might also give you a hard
fucking later tonight. Now, do ya feel a little
better?" I gave him a puzzled look.... but only for a
second and after that I did what he said to do.Sucking Mike off never gets old. It's great. He did
give me that hard fucking later that night too. He
wanted to fuck me while I was on my knees.... with my
forearms on the floor and my boy pussy up in the air.
My head was bouncing up and down as he stood behind
me, holding onto my hips, humping into me fast and
hard. It made a slapping sound every time his crotch
smacked up against my ass. When he got his rhythm
going he was driving into me hard, fast.... and deep.
Every penetration inched my body a little bit forward
and caused me to grunt out "Ohh" along with each
slapping sound.. I eventually hit my head against
the base board of the wall and shot off so forcefully
my cum splashed up all over my chin. Mike cam right
after that and he really filled me up with his huge,
creamy load. It kept drooling out of my hole until I
fell asleep....probably continued doing the same thing
while I slept too.We share my bedroom which has only the one twin bed
and a sleeping bag on the floor next to it. Mike and
I share the bed a lot, but recently if I show too
much affection toward Mike....too much hugging and
kissing.... he makes me sleep on the floor in the
sleeping bag. He always says something like, "God
damn-it Richie, if you're going to act like a queer
you'll have to do it alone in the sleeping bag." Mike
hugs and kisses and licks me often, but he considers
that my "reward" for being his personal cock sucker.The Saturday of the dance arrives and Mike had
borrowed his brother's car for the double date. I'm
getting a ride with Tony in his dad's big SUV.....not
a cool ride, but better than my alternative which was
riding Mike's motor bike in 20 degree weather. Lately
Mike has been acting pre-occupied when we're alone and
I'm beginning to think he might be losing interest in
me. It's a real fear. I spend a lot of time worrying
about it. I look for things to try and impress Mike
with...things that might make him like me more. This
morning he said he was going to Manny's for a haircut
so I thought I would suck in with him and get a
haircut like he gets. I asked him if I could come
with him and get one too. He nodded his head while
trying to hide his smile.The "Manny" of Manny's Barbershop has apparently been
dead for quite a number of years and his son, Tito,
was running things now. Tito is middle aged and
gruff. There wasn't anybody in the shop this early on
a Saturday morning so when we walked in Mike said, "Yo
Tito, how they hangin?" Tito just said, "Who's this?"
as he looked at me. Mike told him I preteens sex asian was his bud and
to give me the "Mike" special. I sat in the barber
chair and five minutes later all my hair was gone
except for about a 1/4 inch of it all over my head.
Tito also razored my sideburns to points like Mike
always has.On the way home, in the car..... at a red light, Mike
rubbed my head and squeezed the back of my neck and
said that he was so glad I was his special friend.
It looks like for once I scored some points with Mike.
He always likes it when I agree with him or take his
side in an argument, but generally speaking......he's
happiest when I do everything exactly like he does it.
I really needed this pick-me-up and getting the buzz
cut proved to be just the right ticket today. I couId
sense Mike's approval and I was beaming. My dad was
working this weekend so when we got home the house was
empty. Mike was in a real good mood and said, "OK
Richie, you earned an early morning reward. Take your
clothes off and you can suck me off real quick like."
Yesterday afternoon.... and now again this morning!
Hot shit!!!He had a semi hard-on when I started in with licking
under his balls and back around his hole. He kept
rubbing my buzz cut head until he shot a large load...
some in my mouth, but mostly on my forehead and on
the top of my head. He'd been trying to talk me into
getting this buzz haircut almost as long as I've known
him and Mike really likes to get his way. It preteen dancing sexy was
turning out to be fine with me. Five minutes into
Mike's blow job I'd gotten that feeling I was about to
cum so I'd stroked my boner and shot preteen galleries fantasy off a long juicy
stream of creamy spunk. It felt sensational. Mike
was very affectionate after the blow job. We went at
a hot make-out for a half hour at least...... me
still completely naked.Near the end of our making out Mike began stroking my
boner and I had my second big climax of the morning.
I sucked and licked Mike's cock and balls until he
blew his second load of the morning. All in all, a
fabulous time. A relaxing day, pizza for dinner and
all was right with the world. Mike told me I looked
'hot' with this new haircut. I just smirked at him
like I knew it already.....I was "hot" and "cool".....Around 7pm that only preteen babes Saturday evening Mike took off to get
Kyle and the twins. Tony came by for me with Joey and
Mac already in the car. Mac naturally insist on
riding shot gun so I sat in the back with Joey who
smelled like he'd been drinking beers. Turns out it
was rum and coke, not beer. All three of them had
half pints of Captain Morgans Rum and cups of coke
with lids on the cups and straws sticking out. I
said, "Yo Tony. You drinking and driving?" He told
me he was only having the one drink...... no more. He
lisped out that he needed to get a little high because
he felt he had a better "rap" going with the brazil pre teen
when he'd had a little booze to smooth the way. Tony
said, "It gets so I'm pretty much a chick magnet once
I get a little booze in me." Of course he was serious
and Mac turned his head to look in the back seat at
Joey and me to share in the grins that we tried
unsuccessfully to hide.When Tony is done his drink he gave me his cup and we
filled it part way with coke and added some rum.
Plain coke is much better tasting, but at least coke
and rum is drinkable. I've found that wine is totally
undrinkable and 'shots' of anything alcoholic fall
into the same 'undrinkable' category. Beer preteen natrual models can be
handled, but it's not tasty. Booze must be hidden in
orange juice or soda or something in order for me to
get it down. We all smoked which also helped us
swallow those drinks. I got a lot of good natured
razzing about finally joining the gang for real. They
were referring to my buzz haircut which all of them
had had as long as I've known them. By the time we
got to the dance I was feeling the rum. Now I might
even have enough false courage to ask someone to
dance. I was wishing I could ask Mike.I did ask a couple of different girls to dance and
surprisingly both of nude japan preteen them said "yes". The first one
was Judy Goldstein who was short but real cute and
perky. She slow danced with me and then stayed with
me for a long time talking and stuff. It may have
been she liked me. She insisted I try fast dancing
which I felt silly doing, but I went along with Judy
and at least tried. She taught me a basic dance move
and we practiced together. I was actually having fun
when Mac came over to say it was important I come with
him. I excused myself and Judy looked disappointed
and somehow I felt bad about that. The only thing Mac
wanted was for me to keep him company having a smoke
and another rum and coke out in the car. I asked if
he'd seen Mike yet. He hadn't, which was strange.
Kyle and Mike and their dates hadn't arrived yet.The second girl I asked to dance was almost as tall as
me. I had the extra false courage after the quick rum
& coke and cigarette with Mac. So, me and my false
courage walked right up and asked her to dance. Her
name was Jill something.....I forget, but she wasn't
as nice as Judy and she said I smelled like preteen model toplesss an
ashtray. Sweet! I wish I had stayed with Judy. I
managed to sneak away from Jill after just two dances
and I headed for the boys room to pee out those rum
and cokes. Right away I spot Tony who was in the
middle of a hot make-out. Unfortinately for him, it
was with an extremely over-weight girl. They were
right there in the hallway in plain sight. Tony's
little ear rings bobbing around and a light sweat
glistening on his buzzed red hair. The lower lip stud
reflecting the overhead light. What a picture. He
saw me and gave me a smirk and then shot me the
finger. I somehow managed to return it without
laughing. The fat girl's huge, spandex-encased ass
was jiggling like a huge bowl of jello as she sucked
on Tony's face. Yuck.......In the lavatory, after my pee, I was chuckling about
Tony and his obese girlfriend as I slowly washed my
hands. I noticed a kid at the urinal and I could see
another kid's feet under the door in the first of the
two toilet stalls. He was continually pushing back
that 3/4 length door on his stall because it kept
drifting in on him. I knew the latch was broken from
my own personal experience with it.When I was just about done drying my hands the heavy
door to the lavatory was flung open so hard it banged
back against the wall. I immediately looked up ......
a tall kid hurried in. He had two fingers pressed to
his lips and his cheeks were puffed out. His face was
very pale and sweat ran down from his forehead into
his eyes making him blink. His other hand was inside
his belt massaging his stomach and he was making sick
groaning sounds. There was panic in his eyes. He was
unsteady on his feet like he was drunk and somehow it
was obvious that he was within seconds of puking his
guts out. My mouth formed into an '0' as I shook my
head 'no'.... meaning, don't come this way.....
please. The boy at the urinal was doing pretty much
the same things I was doing.With a grunt the drunk kid spared us and took steps
over to the first stall and flung open that latchless
door. On the toilet sat Henry Fisher..... his pants
down around his ankles. Henry was in the process of
straining out a turd. My very first thought was
"what's that fat fuck Fisher doing naturist preteen at a dance?" He
wears little oval eye glasses on his flat, fat face.
He's about five nymphets paradise preteen foot tall and 180 pounds. Quite a
sight...five by five walking down the hall. He wasn't
walking anywhere at the moment his credit
he tried the same pleading head shake that me and the
urinal boy had used. Henry even got out a weak
"no".....but it was too little, too late. The drunk
boy was committed to hurling up his puke in that
toilet and Henry was simply in the way. The wrong
place at the wrong time.....We all watched in horror, Henry's eyes as big and
round as pie plates, as a two inch wide cylinder of
yellowish booze puke left the drunk boy's throat and
splashed into Henry's forehead. Henry's glasses were
pulled off his face by the weight of that liquid puke
and landed in his lap along with much of that first
hurl of vomit. Me and urinal boy headed quickly for
the door leading out of the lavatory. The smell of
vomit is unmistakable .......and revolting. Just
before getting out the door I saw the drunk boy aim
his second volley at the wall of the stall....... it
spattered all over both of them. Urinal boy and me
were in the hallway when we heard a distinctly
different regurgitation sound. This was undoubtedly
Henry's involuntary response to his misfortune. He
was throwing up too. He probably aimed his river of
vomit at drunk boy's crotch. I believe that's what I
would bikini preteen photos have done.Outside, urinal boy looked at me while he was shaking
his head and he said with a smirk on his face, "That's
a shame." then he added, "Awesome! Wasn't it!?"
I couldn't help but smile as I said "What kind of a
numb nuts takes a shit in a stall with a broken lock?"
We both made a face at each other like, well what
the fuck.....nothing happened to us! We high fived
each other, celebrating our good fortune, and both
went off looking for our buddies to tell about this
once in a life time happening. The first person I saw
was Kyle. He ran up to me and, before I could say
anything, he told me he was real worried about Mike.
He told me that Mike had too many vodka and orange
juices on the way to pick up the twins. Kyle said
"What do you think, Richie? Mike never gets real
drunk. He's outside smoking and the girls are in the
dance getting wicked pissed off." I said that I
didn't know what to think, or do for that matter, but
I agreed to go with Kyle so he could at least show me
where Mike was.Mike was sitting outside on the back steps in the
dark. Someone had broken the door's overhead light
and all we could see was the lit tip of Mike's
cigarette. Kyle said that he'd go try to preteen rape russian pacify the
girls and for me to try to get Mike straightened out.
"Oh yeah, Kyle. I'll straighten him right out." But,
Kyle was gone. "Mike, what the fuck ya doing out
here?" I asked. "Richie? Come over here. Anybody
with you?" Walking over to him and his cigarette my
eyes adjusted to the dark and I could see Mike's
extraordinary face shining in the moon light. He is
something special to see. Sometimes it can take my
breath away. I sat next to him on the step and he
hugged me around the shoulders, but he didn't say
anything. Then he half laid his head sideways on my
shoulder and sighed as he smoked. The bristly hairs
on the top of his head tickled along my jaw.We sat there for a couple of minutes and finally I
asked him, "What's up? Whatcha doing out here?". He
started talking nonsense and slurring his words so it
was obvious he was drunk. "Why'd ya drink so much,
Mike?" His answer was long and hard to follow but it
had something to do with the fact that his date,
Tonya, was too bossy and on top of that she was a
"stuck up cunt preteen video sex too". Mike explained further,
"Richie, she pisses me off because she thinks she can
tell me what to do. That bitch said I drank too much
because I was afraid of her. Afraid of a real woman
she said. Can you believe that shit?" Apparently
Mike and Tonya got into a fight..... initially about
Mike's drinking and about who should drive. The
compromise was to little preteen kds
let Kyle drive because Mike sure as
hell wasn't letting some girl drive him to a dance.
Then, on the way the fighting continued, but the
subject matter changed.Things escalated and Tonya and her twin sister stalked
off as soon as they got to the school.....Mike
stumbled out to these steps and Klye came to find one
of the guys. It was apparent that Kyle wanted to turn
this problem over to somebody else so he could salvage
as much of his date as possible. Guess I can't really
blame him. I talked with Mike for only 5 minutes or
so and, among other things, he told me I preteen adult sites
was the best
buddy ever and that he loved me and loved having sex
with me. He said I was all he ever really thought
about. He said he hoped we would stay together the
rest of our lives. I know.... I know! I should have been thrilled to
hear this..... I wasn't though. I wasn't happy to
hear this at this time because somehow I knew that
when Mike sobered up and realized what he'd said he
would turn it all around and be mad as hell at me. It
wouldn't be fair, but that's what I was afraid was
going to happen. It would be my bad influence that
had made him say "that queer stuff" .....or something
along those lines.What Mike had said about me was probably pretty much
how he felt in his heart of hearts, but he wasn't
ready to say these things to me yet. The booze had
loosened his tongue. No matter how much I loved
hearing Mike say those things that feeling of doom
made me cut him short.... I told Mike I was going to
find Kyle and see what we could work out. Everybody
still was going to need a way to get home after the
dance. Mike said, "Fuck the dance. I'm going to sit
here and smoke so hurry up and do whatever you just
said and hurry the fuck back...... And Richie, see if
you can get me another screw driver."Right, I'll get Mike another drink! I found Kyle
and told him to keep Mike's car and see that both
twins got home. I'd come over Kyle's house and pick up
the car early the next morning. Kyle loved this idea
and went off to tell the twins it was just him and
them. I got Tony and together we dragged Mike into
the SUV and we drove him home to my place. I stayed
with Mike. Tony went back because he was almost
positive he was getting in the fat girl's spandex
pants before the night was out. "Good luck with that"
I told Tony. Mike crashed on our bed and slept in his
clothes. I lay awake in the sleeping bag worrying
about what was going to happen in the morning. The
dating thing hadn't worked out too well and somebody
would have to pay for that. I was still thinking it
would most likely be kds bbs preteen me..........Trying to get to sleep I thought of these past months
with Mike and how great my life became after I'd met
him. I understood him... maybe better than anyone.
Hell.... certainly better than anyone and probably
better than he underage en preteen
understood himself. He worked hard to
fit the image of himself that he had in his head.
Truth is, I think Mike was basically shy and,
believe it or not, lacked preteen fuck search self confidence. I'd seen
that side of his personality when he was moving in
with me way back when. Also, maybe he thought he was
too pretty to be the macho guy he envisioned himself
to be. Then there was, of course, the obvious sexual
issues he had with himself. There wasn't a shred of
doubt in my mind that if I was gay, Mike certainly was
too. I still hadn't been preteen 13yo sexually stimulated by any
other boy.....only Mike. But, being honest, I hadn't
ever been sexually stimulated by a girl either. So I'm
not sure what I am...... I tend to lean toward the assumption that I'm
homosexual. I'm OK with that because there isn't
anything I can do about it anyway and maybe I don't
want to do anything about it in the first place. I
think Mike is one too. He may secretly think he is
too and that's why he acts aggressive and is so mean
at times when it's really not necessary or
appropriate. He's desperately covering up his true
feelings. Knowing, or thinking I know something,
doesn't mean I know what to do about it. Best thought
I could come up with, before falling asleep, is that
Mike maybe was so drunk tonight that tomorrow morning
he wouldn't be able to remember what he'd said.
Fingers crossed!In the morning Mike just laid in bed and didn't say
anything. I stayed in the sleeping bag and didn't say
anything either. I'm pretty sure we both dozed off
back to sleep for a while.......I know I did because I
heard Mike flush the toilet and then return to the
bedroom and I hadn't heard him get out of bed. When
he walked in the bedroom I made eye contact with him
and he had a pissed-off look on his face.....he looked
away and without a word climbed back in bed and turned
away from me to face the wall. I'm guessing the
"fingers crossed" hadn't been too helpful.A little later, leaving Mike in bed asleep, I walked
over to Kyle's house to get the car. The cold air did
me some good and I was feeling better by the time I
got back. Unfortunately, Mike wasn't. He stayed in
bed until 2pm. I was watching TV in the family room
when he went in the kitchen and I heard the
refrigerator door open and close. Mike had gotten a
large, cold coke and drank it along with some Tylenol.
He was very hung over. I tried to talk to him but he
just said he wasn't feeling well. He stayed in bed
the rest of the day and only got up for another large
coke and then later he opened a can of soup to have
around dinner time. I didn't try to talk to him. He
went padding back to the bedroom. I watched TV and
worried, but I couldn't think what to do. Tony called
and I told him that Mike was just wicked hung over and
that I was staying in myself. Kyle called to make
sure it was me that got the car. Other than that it
was quiet. Around 10pm I went to bed in the sleeping
bag again.Monday we had school, but Mike didn't go. I called
him in sick......... I pretended it was my dad
calling. When I rushed home after school Mike was
gone and so was all his stuff. I called his mother
and Mike answered. He was nice, but said he was
staying with his mother for the foreseeable future.
It seems his brother, Danny, got a job as an assistant
ski instructor at a resort in the Poconos. It was
seasonal, for 10 weeks, and his brother had to live
there in a dorm with the other assistant ski
instructors. Mike said he'd had a talk with my dad
while I was at school and that he'd thanked him for
letting Mike stay here. My dad had said Mike was
welcome to return whenever he wanted and he thought of
Mike as part of our family. Mike indicated his mother
needed him with her. I thought to myself, "what utter
bull shit", but I said nothing. Mike said he'd see me
in school tomorrow. He didn't say thanks to me, he
didn't say he loved me, he didn't say he'd miss me, he
didn't say a lot of things.....I hung up the phone and sat at the kitchen table
looking out the window at the exact spot across the
street where I first met was less than nine
months ago, but it seemed longer.... like a full
lifetime. I thought how happy I was just last week
after we all went out to dinner and it was decided
Mike would be staying with me at least through the
school year. And now, less than a week later, he's
gone "for the foreseeable future". I tried not to
cry....I'm 16 years old for God sake. But I did
cry....... for quite a long time too.Mike was friendly to me in school. preteen pic archive Nothing special
for me though....... I became just one of his
acquaintances. I can understand how someone could
think...why not try to talk with Mike about
this.....but that would have to be someone who doesn't
know Mike like I know Mike. My only hope was to
outlast him and wait for him to start the conversation
that would lead him out of his self imposed exile.
Nights were lonely, lonely, lonely. I cried from
desire for Mike's touch. My jerking off returned to
pre-Mike levels of stimulation which seemed boring and
routine after experiencing the sexual highs ppreteen boys I'd had
with Mike. My life was not as lonely and boring as it
had been before I met Mike because I had made friends
with all Mike's friends. Never-the-less, it was
nothing like it was with Mike fully in my life. I
missed him so much it was all I thought about.Time dragged by and after three weeks or so I was in a
dull routine that got me through the days, but the
nights were still a torture. I tried not to think of
our times together at night, but those thoughts of
Mike and me always drifted into my head and I ached
for him. Then one February day at my locker Mike
walks up and, out of the blue, he says, "Yo, Richie.
How ya been, man? I really miss staying with you and
I'm hoping you'll let me move back in. Like I said,
Richie....jeez, I....that is, ya know...I miss the
place and...well, I miss you too.....a lot. Mom
doesn't really need me there anymore and she kind of
suggested I seemed happier when I was, ya know....with
you. And your Dad and all. What do ya say?"I stayed calm and smiled and told him that he's always
welcome. He rubbed my arm and squeezed the back of my
neck and said in an out of breath voice...."I'll call
in a couple of days and you can help me move back in.
OK? " He hurried away to his next class and I felt
dizzy, but obviously relieved and excited. I'd held
out and resisted the urge to pester or beg Mike to
return and now he'd done it on his own. After school
I went to Manny's and got my hair re-cut like Mike's.
I had the most wonderful climax jerking off that
night thinking about Mike coming back and what a hot
time we're going to have that first night. Just a
few days to wait.......Next morning the sun seemed brighter now as it shined
through my bedroom window reflecting off the new
fallen snow. Every day that I woke up without Mike
in bed with me or at least in the room with me......I
started off that day feeling sad. But now he's moving
back. Hell, maybe as soon as tomorrow. That made me
smile. Smile and all, I still had a job to do for my
old man. yuong little preteens So, I get up and after getting dressed I
walked through the snow to the convenience store.
There I get the coffee and other stuff my father
likes to have every morning. He has a rotating
schedule at a casino in Atlantic City where he works
as a black jack dealer. It's his turn to work this
Saturday so I got his coffee and cigarettes and the
other stuff early. I got a extra large coffee for
myself too. I'll microwave it to warm it up for
later. My plan is to jump in bed as soon as I get
back to the house. I do hop back in bed, but after
laying there for 20 minutes it doesn't look like
falling asleep is going to happen so I get up again
and wander into the kitchen.My dad's just about ready to take off for work. I'd
told him earlier that morning that Mike was coming
back to stay with us and Dad said he was happy for me.
After he left for work I drifted into the bathroom
for a quick shower. I'm drying off after the shower
and I hear a loud knocking at the front door. Shit,
it's probably the old man forgot his keys again.
Wrapping a towel around me I go and open the door, but
it's not dad. "Tom? Tom Brown, wha the? ...what
ah..or, that is I thought it was my old man. Ya know,
forgot his keys... or daddys preteen xxx maybe it was...." I bumbled out
words in spurts and fits. Tom Brown says, "Jesus
Christ, Richie, I never know what the fuck you're
talking about. I just helped push your old man's car
over the snow bank and preteen porno angel onto the road. I thought I'd
stop in and say hello. Hey, you're suppose to invite
a neighbor in out of the freezing cold. Especially
one who has just helped your old man get to work.
Richie, wake the fuck up! Have some fucking manners".I stepped back and motioned with my hand for Tom to
come in. It was freezing outside and all I had on was
a towel and not a very large one at that. It barely
reached around me. I held the towel's ends tightly
in my left fist. The side of my left leg was exposed.
" I'll get something on Tom. Just a second." "No,
before you do that I just have a quick question to ask
you. And, I believe I already know the answer, I.....
hey, wait a minute. Is there any coffee left in
that take-out cup? I could go for a cup of coffee."Tom walked into the little kitchen as he asked about
the coffee and I followed him. "Yeah, it's full, but
it's cold", I told him. Tom wanted me to heat it up
so that we could each have a cup. It was a large
container. He was sort of blocking the kitchen door
by now so, what the hell..... Using my free hand I
got two cups and divided the coffee between them.
Into the microwaved they go for 45 seconds. I got
some milk and sugar out... and a spoon. Tom could see
I had to do all this with just one hand but he didn't
offer to help. He asked questions about Mike. He
hadn't seen him around lately and wanted to know was
he still staying here and what's the story with him
living here now anyway. Stuff like that. I gave
quick vague answers and said he'd been with his Mom
for a little bit, but he'd probably be back in a day
or so."Sit down and have some coffee with me, Richie. For
Christ sake, you're really not into 'manners' all that
much at all, are you? I help your Dad get to work and
you want to give me the bums rush out of here or
something." I told him that it wasn't's
just that I wanted to put some clothes on. He said,
"Sit down and drink your coffee. Richie.....sit
down!" All I could think was ......drink the coffee
and get him out of here. It was obvious Tom was in
one of his bully/bossy moods. I sat down and burned
the roof of my mouth on the too hot coffee. Tom Brown
stared at me with a wry half smile that was making me
feel uncomfortable. I wasn't going to say anything
though. He has a way of turning around what I say so
it somehow means something different than I intended.
Plus, I've discovered that not saying anything isn't
usually a bad idea. Keep myself out of trouble. I
couldn't return his stare though so I looked down and
squirmed in my chair still grasping the two corners of
my towel around my waist.It was so quiet in the house I could hear Tom swallow
his coffee. He seemed perfectly comfortable in the
dead silence..... staring at me. Finally, I couldn't
stand it any longer and said, "Ah...what was the
question you wanted to ask me, Tom?" He said, "Do you
have any fetishes?" Just like that...."do I have any
fetishes". I hesitated, then said I really wasn't
sure what constitutes a fetish ....and why in the
world would he think preteens models angel I'd have a fetish. To this he
looked up, pulling his head back and made a face like
he was astonished I'd ask such a thing. "Well,
because you're gay, of course. Many paedo preteen porn
gay guys have
fetishes. I have one and I wondered if you did.
That's all. No big fucking deal. Do you?... have
one?" My mouth moved but I wasn't saying anything. I
was speechless.Shaking my head, trying to come up with something to
say.... I blurted out the obvious, "I'm not gay". I
asked him why he thought I was. He told me it was
apparent from the first day he'd meant us that Mike
and I were gay ....and what's the big secret anyway.
Tom said preteens nude movies
that he'd just told me he was gay so I didn't
really have any reason to continue this phony BS about
me not being gay. "You really kill me, Richie. I've
been trying to be friends with you from day one, but
you act as if I'm not good enough to hang out with
you. What gives? That really hurts my feelings." I
was flabbergasted because he was the snob, not me. I
always said "Hi" to him when we ran into each other in
the hallway at school or anywhere, but he rarely said
'hello' back. If he was with one of his friends he
wouldn't even look at me. He's never invited Mike or
me near his house. This was too much....I told him that what he said was simply not true....
and that he knew it. "What?.... you're saying I'm not
gay? I think I know if I'm gay or not!" Tom was
indignant when he spit that out. I told him I wasn't
talking about that, but rather about what he said
about being a snob. "Richie, I swear to God you are
impossible to have a conversation with. I never
mentioned the word 'snob'. Let me get this
straight...... pardon my choice of words there.
You're agreeing we're gay, but not that you're a
snob. Is that it?" I said "Yeah, I mean not that
part about the preteens japanes snob...or rather that's the part I do
mean." Tom laughed and told me he didn't know how
anybody ever knew what I was talking about. He also
said that it didn't matter....he still liked me. "As
a matter of fact, Richie. I've had a little crush on
you from that first day on your front porch. You have
a cute routine going for you.... how you bumble along
with things. It's really kind of cute " models preteen art "What?
What do you mean a crush? I young preteen nude don't bumble cute." I
was sputtering by now.Without a word, Tom got up and walked around behind me
and before I could say or do anything he hugged me
around my neck tight with his left arm. "You're cute
as a bug." he said as he held his face along side
mine. My hand went up to his wrist trying to loosen
his arm from around my neck. My other hand was still
holding my little towel on. "Tom, what the fuck are
you doing?" He talked right into my ear. I could
feel his breath on my cheek. "Oh yeah, that's right.
I wanted to tell you more about my fetish. Thanks
for reminding me, Richie." I said, "Huh? More about
your fetish?? I meant about you hugging my neck."
Tom chuckled, "No silly boy, hugging you isn't my
fetish. You maybe preteen mmodel
wish it was, but it isn't. I like
to spank guys. That's my fetish. I thought I told
you that earlier." I told Tom I couldn't keep up with
his changing topics and to please let go of me. As
he hugged me tighter, he said.... "You ever been
spanked, Richie? Reason I ask is because you really
need a hard spanking ....and it has to be on your bare
ass too. I just don't believe for a minute that Mike
is up to the task. Is he?""What? No, Mike never spanked me. No body has
spanked me. Why should they?" Tom rubbed his nose
along the side of my head and said, "I liked your long
hair style better. Did Mike make you get it cut by
threatening he wouldn't let you suck his cock if you
didn't? Was that it?" I was getting dizzy trying to
follow Tom's changing subject matter. I told him that
Mike didn't make me get his style haircut. This
prompted Tom to ask, "So, he'd lets you suck him off
even if you didn't get the same haircut as his?" and
I said, "Of course. No, what I mean is that Tom
didn't....I mean, Mike didn't make me suck him off."
This had Tom chuckling again as he said, "Of course I
wouldn't make you suck me off and neither would Mike.
I'm guessing you begged to suck him off and you're
probably thinking about begging me to let you suck me
off too. Am I right?"It was as if nothing I could say would straighten out
this convoluted conversation. So bbs preteens xxx
I said, "Please,
Tom....what is it that you want?" He said, "Well, I
already told you. I want to give you the good, hard,
bare assed spanking you desperately need. Ya know
Richie, you really should pay closer attention. Life
could pass you right by." I told Tom that the
spanking wasn't an option and so, if that's why he's
here, could he please leave now. Tom said, "How about
a kiss instead? You know, a kiss cause I do have
that crush on you.... the one we talked about earlier.
You do remember, don't you Richie?" There had been
some mention of a crush, but I didn't want to kiss him
and I said so. Tom said I was so preteen flowers bbs
silly and then he
twisted my head sideways and kissed me on the mouth.
I was struggling to pull my head away, but Tom is too
strong for me and in my struggling my lip got cut on
one of his teeth. Tom sucked on my lip till the
bleeding stopped. The way he had me around my neck I
couldn't move without cutting off my air.I was exhausted and said, "Please, Tom.....I don't
feel well. Won't you please leave?" Tom loosened his
hold on my neck and matter of fact-ly told me he
wasn't going anywhere until I got the spanking I
needed. He felt it was his responsibility as a close
friend and, he said, he didn't shirk
responsibility like some people he could name. This
got us into a discussion about why he felt I needed a
spanking in the first place. Tom listed his reasons:
the reasons were that I lied about not being gay
and I was a snob to Tom and I had rude manners and I
wasn't the least bit neighborly. He ticked them off
on his fingers. What could I say about that load of
crap? What I did say was, "None of that is true
except the gay part, I guess." Then I was so pissed
at myself for admitting that to Tom. He immediately
said he wouldn't tell Mike that I'd told him about
Mike and me being gay......and he wouldn't tell Mike
about our morning here... and he promised not to tell
Mike about our kiss.I felt like crying....... I hated Tom Brown with a
passion. "This is so horrible and so unfair, Tom.
Why are you doing this to me? I never did anything to
you. Well, have I?" He said that I was getting the
spanking and that was that. That it was for my own
good. "Now take that towel off and no more back talk.
I've been nice long enough, Richie. I'll keep our
secrets from Mike and you'll thank me for the spanking
later. So enough! Let's look at your bedroom and see
if that will be a better spot. Take that god damn
towel off! Stand up right this second and give me
the towel. " He took the towel and I felt so creepy
standing in front of him completely naked. My face
got red and hot. "Go in your bedroom and wait for me
Richie." Tom went in the bathroom.I was standing next to my bed when Tom came in with a
cheerful look on his face. "Look what I found in your
medicine cabinet, Richie. preteen boy illegal
Just what the doctor
ordered. It's a big tube of Neosporin Pain Reliving
Ointment. It prevents infection too! You'll be glad
you had this later. Ok now.... pull that straight
back desk chair over here real quick. I do not have
all fucking day to help you out with this". I was
resigned to getting this over with. Mike was planning
on coming back to live with me again and I wasn't
going to let this sadistic prick ruin it. Plus, Tom
had already told us he was only living here
temporarily while their new house was being built.
I'll take his spanking......... and then I'll do
everything I can to avoid him in the future and......
and then he'd be gone. If forum fashion preteen he somehow got me again
before he left, I'd live through that too. Sooner,
rather than later, he'd be history and Mike and me
would still be here together. I pulled the chair over
and Tom sat down."Right. Now.... you lay across my lap and support
yourself with your feet and hands." It was awkward
but I got across his lap. Then he wanted me to back
up a bit, then forward.... and when he was satisfied I
was in the perfect position he closed his powerful
thighs with my cock and balls in between them. I was
held tight. Laying across his lap.....I felt stupid
and pissed-off at the same time. God damn-it, why
does this shit happen to me. It has to be at least
partly my fault somehow. My early experiences with
Mike were bizarre happenings too. I realized Tom was
talking in a voice like he was giving a lecture...."Basically, Richie, your ass now belongs to me.
You're not going anywhere without your balls and that
skinny cock of yours and I got those two items, well,
three items technically...locked up so ta speak. Let
me show ya." He squeezed his thighs together tighter
and I saw stars. "OK... OK Tom, please don't squeeze
my nuts so hard. I'll throw up." Tom muttered, "Go
ahead and throw up if you want. But, if you don't
squirm on my lap.... if you sort of balance yourself
on my lap using your toes and your hands ....well,
then I won't have to squeeze your nuts. It's pretty
simple really. By the way, Richie, what a fabulous
little ass you have here. Except for some very fine
little blond hairs, you don't have any hair around
your ass at all. Very rare. My New York spanky boy
had lots of hair on his cute ass. You're my New
Jersey spanky boy now and you haven't got any. Go
figure. Life is full of pleasant little surprises
like this."Tom was taking turns massaging each of my ass cheeks
with his right hand while his left hand was partially
supporting me by gripping my waist at the hip.
"Let's try this Richie" and I felt some wetness on my
ass. Turning my head around at an awkward angle I
could see him drooling spit onto my ass. He lazily
rubbed some spit on my hole and I involuntarily
squirmed on his lap. Immediately he clamped his
thighs to squish my balls and I screamed out. In a
low, calm voice Tom said, "Don't squirm Richie and I
won't squeeze your nuts. Stay perfectly still....I
already told you that and I won't tell you again."
With that he pushed his finger inside my hole and
worked it around a little. "This is the hygiene
check-up part of the spanking that I do as a courtesy
for my spanky boys. Just relax, this doesn't hurt."
Rotating his finger inside me for a minute or so he
found my button and then really worked on it. My
balls were churning up cum and it took all my will
power not to squirm around. I was getting very close
to shooting off a cum load and I hated myself, but it
did feel sexy and good.He pulled his finger out of my hole and said, preteen pix pics "Bet you
felt like you were just about to cum. Didn't you?"
He didn't seem to want an answer so I didn't say
anything. I felt relief that I hadn't humiliated
myself by cuming between his legs. Sweat was
running from under my arms and off my forehead. It
was a real effort holding myself in the position Tom
insisted on, but I didn't want anymore nut busting so
I worked hard at keeping balanced. Tom seemed to take
it for granted that I'd do whatever I had to to keep
my proper position on his lap. Sweat from somewhere
was running down and burning my eyes which had been
tearing from the start anyway.Tom murmured "Hmmm, just as I expected. You don't
clean yourself properly. Very poor hygiene. My
finger is all stinky, Richie." I heard a long
sniffing sound and then Tom said, "You'll clean that
finger in a bit... but for now let's do your spanking.
OK?" I didn't think he wanted an answer to that
either so I didn't reply. Tom repeated himself, "I
said, OK? Or do you want to lay across my lap all
fucking day?" I said l wanted to get it over with and
he said, "Well, ask me to start. And don't forget to
say, Please." "Tom, please start." To that Tom said,
"I can't read your mind, Richie. Be specific." I
felt a hatred for him so deeply that it was almost a
physical presence, but I forced myself to politely
say, "Tom, please start spanking me." I had to get
this over with!Immediately his hand came smacking across my ass and
it stung. He followed up with about a dozen leisurely
applied smacks with a rub or a grab of my ass cheek
between each one. Every smack stung, for sure.....
but the situation was so odd it was almost
fascinating and I got a bit of a stiffy just realizing
how dominating Tom was. Or maybe it was more.... how
submissive I was acting. Of course, I didn't have
much of a choice. Fuck, I didn't know what to think
except, maybe this won't be as bad as I thought it was
going to be. Of course, I still felt awful stupid
laying across Tom's lap and now, to add to that
humiliation I was laying there with a good start on a
boner .....As the number of smacks on my ass and the back of my
thighs started building up the stinging became more of
a concern. Spanking on the same spots over and over
began to be painful. Without thinking about it
consciously, a point had been reached where the pain
was now a real problem.... I hadn't meant to, but I
squirmed trying to avoid the next smack and he clamped
my balls tight between his thighs. "God damn-it! Stop
doing that, Tom!" I screamed out. Tom said nothing
but he did take in a long breath and let out what
sounded like a grunt or a moan. He still maintained
the pressure on my balls and began smacking harder and
faster. After a short while I realized I was
slobbering and yelling out. "Please Tom, that's
enough.... that really hurts, please Tom
stop...please stop for a second please." Somewhere in
my head I did it get this bad, so fast??
He gave me six more smacks and I was crying, but I
didn't realize it until he stopped the preteen links art spanking and
all was quiet except my sobs."What was that, Richie?" I tried to gather myself
together and then, in as respectful a voice as I could
come up with, I said, "Please don't spank me
anymore. It really, really is hurting me. Is there
something I should be doing to get you to stop? small petite preteen Did
I miss some instructions of what I should say or do to
get you to stop spanking me? Please, Tom, tell me
again what I'm suppose to do or say or..... whatever.
OK?"Tom said, "No, there isn't anything else. You're
doing exactly what you're suppose to be doing."
With that he started in with some more smacks on my
ass and I was on fire. I begged and squirmed and
tried to get off his lap but my cock and balls were
firmly held between his legs and his left hand on my
right hip held me tight against him. I could feel his
very hard, fat boner under my belly. Tom was very
erect. My cock had long ago lost any firmness that
had initially developed.... it was a piece of over
cooked spaghetti.....well, a little thicker than
spaghetti, but just as limp....It wasn't long before Tom again abruptly stopped and I
immediately said, "Thank you Tom. I really learned
my lesson. Thank you for not spanking me any more.
I'll be more neighborly with better manners." He was
breathing hard when he said, "You better". He
didn't say anything else for a minute or so. He
sounded out of breath. My ass was on fire. The back
of my thighs were nudist pics preteens stinging so bad the tears ran out of
my eyes and mucus drooled from my nose down my upper
lip and into and over my mouth to preteen archive pic run off my chin.
"Just resting a bit, Richie. This takes a hell of a
lot of energy." Tom was breathing fast with long
breaths and since he had stopped spanking me I could
recognize the steady light humping Tom was doing with
his thick boner poking into my belly.He moaned another tiny moan and reached over me to
hold on to the lower, outside part of my right thigh
with the hand he'd been spanking me with. I gulped
with relief. His breathing pattern changed to
quicker, short breaths. Tom maintained his grip on
my right hip with his left hand and holding me in
place on his lap he humped repeatedly into my belly
and made a long wheezing sound and rotating his lap a
number of times as he shuttered, moaned and panted.
Almost immediately I felt wetness on my belly as his
cum soaked through his pants. In that out-of-breath
voice he said, "See, I told you I had this fetish.
Spanking you made me cum in my pants.... I cam like a
fire hydrant too. I mean, I spunked like I was taking
a wicked coffee piss. Felt good too." He took more
air in and slowly calmed down. He still held me tight
on his lap. He sounded irritated when he asked,
"Didn't you get boned up? Not even a little?" I
could tell he was serious. He was surprised I hadn't
gotten turned-on.I was so relieved the spanking had stopped I tried to
be friendly. I didn't want him preteens nude image
to start up again so I
said, "No Tom, I honestly didn't. I hurt too preteen nonnude girl much to
get a boner, I guess. Are we done now?" Tom's
breathing was under control by now and he said, "Done?
Maybe if I finish your spanking you'll finally get
that boner you mentioned." I said please don't do any
more spanking today and he said, "Oh, so you want me
to finish this another time?" I couldn't take
anymore now, that's for sure. The pain on my ass and
the back of my thighs was a burning and stinging
nightmare. The thought of him smacking on those ass
cheeks had me almost peeing myself. "No no, I mean
yes, Tom, yes, later. Another time, not
now.....please."Tom was quiet and then replied, "You see how I'm a
softy. We really should finish this now. It's not
for me, Richie. I already got off, thank you very
much. It's for you, my young friend. Get it out of
the way and see, once and for all, if you're going to
get off. I simply don't believe you didn't spring a
boner. For Christ sake you're more than half way
done...... But, if you really don't want to
finish"..... I begged him not to start up again and
he said "Oh, fuck. OK, we'll finish it another time.
Just stay put and I'll get some soothing cream on
these bright red ass cheeks of yours. They look preteen topless rompl like
two red lights in a traffic signal." He made a
"mmmmm" sound and muttered "really nice".... to
himself. My stomach was very wet from the contact
with his cum soaked pants.I didn't move and he started applying the cream.... at
first the cool cream caused a fire pain that had me
crying again, but then the cream quickly faded out
the pain and..... Oh my God, what a relief! The
absence of the pain had my eyes tearing up again.
First the pain and now sweet, blessed relief. "Thank
you so much Tom. That feels so nice." Tom said, "OK
Richie, glad ya feel better, but I can start the
spanking up again if I need to. Just do what your
told and you'll be fine. Slide off my lap now and
kneel right preteen naturist russia
in here between my legs. That's it, hurry
up." I tried to do it fast without scraping my ass on
anything or sitting back on my painful thighs. As
soon as I was on my knees down between his legs he
hooked his index finger under my chin.... pulling my
chin up as he said, "Pick your head up and look at
me." I looked in his eyes and he smiled, "That wasn't
so bad, was it? " I said, " Oh, ah...I guess not
although it was really painful. I can't think of
anything that was more painful in my life ..... I just
want to be honest with you, Tom." He asked me again
if I felt sexually aroused at all and I said "No". I
didn't tell him about the early stiffy I'd gotten.He looked a me with a look that made me think that
maybe he really did have a little bit of a crush on me
and he said, "I do have a spanking fetish, but it's
too bad I have to hurt you if it doesn't get you
boned-up. Frankly, it takes away a lot of my
pleasure! not getting sexually excited you cost
me some pleasure, you naughty boy. Reason enough to
give you another spanking and not be so gentle with
you as I was here. I owe you one" He smirked down at
me as I looked attentively in his eyes. I listened as
if he was actually saying something important. Tom
smugly said, "You might not believe it, but a lot of
guys get off being spanked. They would have loved
this experience that I created for you. I thought you
might be one of those guys. Guess you're not though.
I don't suppose you sex innocente preteen appreciated the effort on my part
at all, did you? Huh?"The relief was so great I wasn't feeling the hate for
Tom I'd felt before, ukraine nude preteens
but the idea he wanted me to
thank him for this painful humiliation was mind
boggling. He'd stopped before he thought my
spanking was done and thank god he couldn't stop his
own climax which, as it turns out, was the beginning
of the end of my spanking. He did put that cream
on my sore ass to cover up the pain. All that being
true, I still simply couldn't think of any real
positive thing to say to him so I mumbled, "I guess I
don't know as much about this stuff as you do, Tom.
I'm very appreciative that you stopped my spanking
and that you used the cream to stop the pain. Thank
you." Tom said, "Well, Dude.....I thought for sure
we'd have something hot going on between us. I guess
I just wasted my time and effort."As crazy as it might sound to me, he seems to really
have thought I'd get sexually excited from being his other spanky boy, as he called
him. As if he was letting by gones be by gones he
rubbed my head, ruffling my short hair and I started
to raise my hand to push his hand away . Tom said,
"No! Don't move, put your hands behind your back
right now. Do it!." I clasped my hands behind my
back without thinking about it and then I said, "Well,
why do you want me to keep my hands behind me, Tom?"Tom, now using a business like tone , told me, "Just a
few minutes more. We've got a little matter here to
take care of." I nodded my head thinking that it will
be over in just a few minutes. I was determined to
do every possible thing to avoid this psycho after
today, but I'd go along with him as much as I could
right now to get to the end of this current disaster.
Tom put his middle finger right under my nose and I
smelled the shit stain on it. He rubbed it hard on my
lip right under my nose. "Yep, that's your dirty
stink, Richie. Just clean the finger and we're just
about through." I looked incredulously at him. He
said, "Open up Richie." I thought 'just when ya
think it can't get any worse'.... My reply was,
"Ah, no....I'm not putting that in my mouth." I tried
not to be too arrogant about it, but let's get serious
....he had that finger up my ass.
In his exasperated voice Tom said, "Why do you make
everything so fucking complicated? It's from your
body that made this stink, preteen ru nude
not mine. I go to all the
trouble to check your prostate for you and I get your
shit all over my finger because you don't wash
properly and you don't want to clean it! Is that chinese preteens sex it?
Now, we're almost done, but you want
me to apologize to Mike for kissing and spanking and
fingering you? Is that it? You want the three of us
to discuss this?" I opened my mouth without another
word and Tom sighed, shook his head and stuck that
shity finger in my mouth. "Suck an

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