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Little nymph nudist Russian little teens

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Related post: Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 02:30:54 +0000
From: Davey R
Subject: malibu-beach-house-4This is a fantasy story and involves a fantasy version of the celebrity
involved, tgp littles nudes Smallville's Tom Welling. It doesn't imply anything about his
real-life sexuality.By the way, 'Malibu Beach House' is a series about whatever celebrities I'm
into at the time. Each one's about someone different. 1 was about Andrew
Keegan, little body 2 Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and 3 Justin Timberlake.----
A couple of years ago, I was in littlegirls nonude a bar in spanked little girls New York with a friend, Jordan. He
was not long my little porn out of high school and quite new to the biz. Found his way in
through family connections. We'd met at the beach house in Malibu about a
month before, the first little angels modles party there he'd attended. That night we'd fucked
Marcus Schenkenberg well into the night, long after everyone else there was
done, and became friends over a drink in the early hours.
So when I met up with him a month later we were reminiscing about how much
fun it had been, and then talking about other guys very little naket we'd had who were models,
and he brought up lost little girl this boy, Tom."We were friends growing up, we'd hang out together. Then when we were about
fourteen, fifteen, little skinny girls
the guys at school turned against him in a big way. I
never understood why at the time, but it seems really obvious now. They were
noticing the same thing I was noticing, except they were reacting to it to
totally different"
Jordan paused for effect.I glugged my beer and waited.
"They were noticing how cute he was getting and they were jealous" Jordan
smiled. "Well, he was more than just cute..."He looked off in the distance,
remembering. "He was unbelievable. You've never seen such a gorgeous face on
a guy. I mean, you know how horny you are at that age, and every day at
school I was hanging out with this guy who was just totally... I mean you
could cream yourself looking at him. Youl shoulda seen these luscious lips
he had. Well, you WILL see them. And he had this really dark brown hair that
looked black when it got wet... little teens free a little princess
and he was working out, you know, just
putting it down to growing up, but you could tell that it was more than
that. So I'd see him each day, and asides from getting a woody I would just
get this intense sweet feeling, little girl russian this, like, ache, and the more I'd look at
him, this sweet ache would get worse"
"Then you'd go littles girlnude photos home and jerk off, right?" I asked, thinking about my own big
high school crush on an intensely gorgeous jerk.
"No" said Jordan, "That was the thing. I didn't know how to then. I'd had
erections and I'd had a couple of dreams naked little child where I'd let loose, but I actually
didn't know how to deal with this thing. I loved it when my dick would get
hard, but I didn't know what to do to get rid of it or make this feeling get
"Anyway, there was eventually little boy sluts this one week my dick was either totally hard
or real chubby every minute of every day, my body telling me it was time.
Everything, every turn of his head, every movement of his lips, everything
Tom did - that was the guy's name, Tom -, everything he porno yong little
little respect erasure did made me feel
this throbbing, this churning feeling in my gut."
"Sounds painful", I said.
"It was. it was this intense, gut-churning passion. He'd be sitting there at
his desk and I'd be picturing him lying on top of it with all his clothes
off, and I was like doubled over to hide this huge erection. Tuesday of that
week was swimming practice-"
"Yeah. I had to little teens porn pretend I was ill and sit and it out.I knew there was no way
I'd be able to control myself.
"And I sat there on the side sneaking glances at him, this teenies little porn completely horny
guy in just his little girl port speedos, these dark red speedos clinging to his butt. His
ass was so perfect. And his body... he's tall, so he wasn't, like, bulging
with muscles, but you could see he worked out. He had these pecs, and I
wanted to hentai little girl
get my hands on them, feel how firm they were, like a straight guy
would with a pair of tits...
"I remember I couldn't sleep most of little girls masterbating that night. I couldn't get comfortable
on top of this boner. And I was stroking it and feeling it and imagining
what it would be like if he was underneath me. I imagined I was whispering
into his ear about how much he turned me on, about how much I wanted him to
be a faggot because he could be mine, and I would take care of him and I'd
give him all the dick he wanted and nobody would need to know except us...
"I actually whispered it, so I could hear my voice saying it, the way it
would sound if it was real. I put my mouth against my little white lies pillow and I said 'I'm
gonna fuck little tpg sex
you now, Tom'.
"And then the next day Tom was getting bullied by this bunch of jerks who'd
decided they russian little teens
didn't like him. They were, you know, making up some crap voyeur little angel about
him looking pussy little
at the main jerks' girlfriend. Real original. They were sort of
holding him so he couldn't fight back and the main guy was, well, not really
hitting him, just giving him a couple of slaps and threatening him. I think
the guy was getting off on it. I think he really just wanted the excuse to
touch him.
"Me, I was watching from behind this tree. They got his shirt and his jeans
and his sneakers off little peeing girls him then ran off with them, pushed him down on the
"I waited till they were gone, cowardly maybe, but they were always looking
out for the next victim and I didn't want to be it. So when they were gone I
went to help him up. little booty But he was stripped to his underwear now, and he was
really turning me on. When I helped him up, I felt his arm, and it was
really firm but his skin was so soft... I said he could come borrow some
clothes from my house to get home in, because my house was nearer school. I
let him borrow my jacket, and it just felt really good when I saw him in
just my jacket. Like I was protecting him, like he was... mine. Oh God, I
was so turned on by his butt, it made me remember those speedos and how
they'd been clinging to to him.
"We had to avoid going the usual way to my place because obviously he naughty little lesbians wanted
to avoid people as much as he could.
"Then when we got to my house, my parents weren't home. I'd been working out
all the way there what to say to my mom, and then it turned out she wasn't
there anyway. We were alone there together.And he took off the jacket to
give it back, but it felt like he was coming into my house and undressing
for me.I was just desperate to kiss him and fuck knows what else.
"We went up to my room to get some clothes. God, I remember, he walked up
the stairs ahead little tiny teens of me and I was behind him staring straight into his ass,
and I couldn't believe then that I was so turned on by another boy's butt,
that I was praying for sissy little girl him to be a faggot, but at the same time I didn't
care, I couldn't argue with how good it made me feel."
"Then what?"
"Then we went into my room, and seeing him walking into my room like that,
you know, nearly naked, it felt like he was becoming mine, like he was going
to give himself to me, let me play with him.Like I could shut that door
behind us and then have all the fun in the world with this fucking gorgeous
"He sat down on my bed while I was looking in the closet for something for
him to wear home, and he was saying thanks and stuff... you know I can still
see him, sitting there in the sunlight. man, I wanted to little girls alone
put my hands on
those shoulders and push him down on the bed. I was facing right into the
closet to hide my big woody. I think maybe little teen titties
he saw it anyway.
"I handed a T-shirt over to him, and he took it, then dropped it and bent
over to pick it up.
"He bent over slowly. He littlegirls 12yo
was TEASING me, I was sure. He was teasing me,
showing me his butt, he was pointing his ass right at me.He was super little nudes in briefs,
Calvin Kleins. I was looking at his back and thinking how great it looked,
like I was discovering for the first time what a guy looked like from behind
and couldn't believe how great it was. Could not believe it. And then I felt
this sharp feeling in the head of my dick, and then this dampness in the
front of my boxers. You know, precum, but I didn't know what it was then. He
was putting the T-shirt on and I was desperately trying to make little red dress
erection go away. But still enjoying it at the same time. I was going little boys russian
have to get some pants from the closet for him, but I was sure that if I
moved, I'd cum. You know what it feels like when you're just about to cum, I
felt like that, but like the sensation was on pause and it would just take
an inch of movement. Plus I'd never came when I was awake before. My insides
felt all tight and hot, all down my abdomen, and I knew when my dick spat
this stuff little tittie movies
up it would be the biggest relief anyone has ever felt.
"So he turned to me, waiting for these pants, this absolutely incredible
guy, this teenage adonis with this beautiful longish kinda hair, and he
said, he actually said 'What else have you got for me?'
"And then the head of my cock bust up between my waistband and my stomach,
this great big obscene purple thing with this huge wide hole in the center,
and then this endless tream of cum burst up out of me, children little porn up into the air like
a fucking fountain and came down splattering all over the place, on the bed,
on the floor, little nudists biz and on Tom. On his chest.
"And I was so relieved, and loving this incredible orgasm so much, I made
this big groaning noise and I was saying 'Oh Tom, yeah, yeah Tom', and I was
looking at him, he didn't even look as suprised as you'd think, I was
looking at how fantastic he was and I just knew that he was the only thing
in that room I COULD look at while I had this feeling, because he was what
this feeling was for, my cock little preten porn
was doing this because of him, my orgasm was
celebrating HIM.
"Then I was unbuttoning my flies and getting hold of my cock and squeezing
it all out, and even then, I still had this erection. Until the feeling was
all over, and then I was left standing there holding onto my big hard dick
with cum dripping off my hand, and Tom standing there in front little saigon tv of me in just
a little japan thumbs T-shirt and his underwear. And now it was little nudists photos
over I was too horrified to say
"What did he do?"
Jordan smiled. "He went to the closet and got some pants out himself, and
put them on. illegal little And then he turned to face me, and he wiped this blob of my cum
that had landed on the T-shirt onto his finger. Then he put the finger to
his mouth, and licked it off onto his tongue.And he tasted it, and said
'Mmm, Jordan, not bad', and then he swallowed it, and licked his lips really
slowly, looking right at me, right into my eyes. And then he left."
"Man, that son of a bitch. That's great." I was smiling, imagining the
younger Jordan left standing there with his erection poking out of his
pants, his mouth gaping. Jordan was a good-looking guy with a broad kind of
face and dark blonde hair, so the picture of him alone with this gorgeous
dark-haired beauty was pretty nice. If he was as gorgeous as Jordan said."So... then what?""Absolutely nothing. cute little sayings
For a while. Well, it felt like a long time. It was
probably just a couple of weeks. So again I couldn't get to sleep that
night. This time it was like a mix of being sick to my stomach with anxiety
- that people were going to find out - and being really, really excited
because of what Tom had done, the way he'd reacted. I swung all night
between worrying that he was going to tell people what I'd done and being
sure that he couldn't tell anyone, because he'd deliberately tasted my cum.
"Next day, he acted like nothing had happened at all. he didn't avoid me, he
didn't make any special effort to talk to me. It was like nothing had
happened. And it went on like that for a couple of weeks.
"Then one lunchtime I was sitting alone on the lawn reading some comic book
and he came over and sat down next to me. No, he lay down next to me, and he
had his eyes closed because of the sun, but he little girls photos was right by my side. And he
said 'So, you like me, huh?' in this ordinary way, like little girl defloration he was little girls violated just making
conversation. And he was, like, the picture of innocence.
"And I thought, well I've got nothing to lose now. I said 'Yeah, I guess
so'. Like an apology".
"He said 'How much do you like me? What would you do if we were alone here
"I didn't know what to say, because we SO weren't alone. There were loads of
people around. So I just said 'I dunno'"
"And he smiles, but his eyes are still closed, and says 'Come on, Jordan,
you must know. What do you like best about me?'
"Of course this is totally turning me on, and I do want to tell him, I want
to confess all these things I think about him. So I told him I liked littlegirlsnakedfucked his
lips. God, I felt this pang inside me just saying that, and knowing he could
hear it. I never thought I'd even say a thing like that to a guy.
"He keeps on smiling. 'My lips, huh? So if we were alone here, you'd kiss
me, right?"
"I said yeah, and I little girl sexy was staring at his face, and then I wondered if his eyes
were really closed or if he was squinting and looking back at me. little dog
So then I
looked away.
'But if you could do ANYthing with me', he says, 'Anything at all, then what
would you do?''
"I think my face probably went kind red, and again I just said-"
" 'I dunno' " I prompted.
"Yeah. And almost the moment I said it, he sort of frowns and says 'Jordan'
in this calm way. And I looked at his face and said, 'I'd take your clothes
off'. And he smiled, he smiled little girls nonnude
when I said this, and I had a really hard
dick now, and it made little pic sex me keep talking. 'Then I'd take my clothes off, and
I'd feel what your body felt like if it was pressed against mine.
'And if you could have me, would you?'
'Have you?'
'If you could climb on my back and put that great big cock up my hole, you
would, wouldn't you? If you could feel little birdy
my insides giving way to your big
dick and you could pump all that gorgeous cream of yours into my body, you'd
do that, wouldn't you?'
"And I said, really quiet, 'Of course. I... love your body'.
"Then he opened his eyes. Pale green eyes. And he was looking at me again,
smiling. And he did this tiny kissing thing with his lips and then got up
and left. Man, he walked away so confidently too. I hated him for it. I
fucking loved him for it too".I bought another couple of drinks then asked Jordan if he ever got him.
Jordan grinned, his dark eyes glinting. "I'm coming to that. What happened
next was that he got my e-mail alarisse were little address and started mailing me. All these
horny things about how little green bag he'd been lying on silk sheets with no clothes on,
and how he'd been rolling grapes over his chest and licking pieces of fruit
and pretending they were my bell, how he wished I was there goth little girls
with him-
"But he never acted any different in school, that was the thing. little sex pics That was
what was really unbearable about it."
"Hey" I said, "Tell me more about these e-mails"
"He wrote one about how he'd been working out for sexy little nude
an hour, how he'd been
lifting weights and stuff and he was really sweaty, and how there was teenies free little
there to appreciate it. And another time he said he was jerking off thinking
about how he'd love to be back in my house again and get into my bed with
me. He told me one time that I should jerk off and try and make myself cum
at exactly little tighties 1am, because he'd be doing the same thing at that time and
thinking of me. He said he had a dildo, and he was practising on it
regularly, practising sucking on it, and he said he'd rubbed it round the
rim of his asshole but that he wouldn't put it in because he said he wanted
me to the be the first one to pierce him... he said he wanted the first cock
inside him to be a real cock because he wanted to be filled up with hot
"He kept asking me what I liked, what would really turn me on, saying that
if I wanted he would wear handcuffs, or dress like a girl, or that he'd
dance for me...
"I didn't really answer. I wanted him sexy little modeols the way he was. What I wanted was this
fantastic, beautiful basketball-playing high school kid, and that was what
he already was.
"Then he asked when I'd first known I wanted guys", He smiled. "The tricky
fucker. I told him I couldn't remember exactly, but that I'd first got a
boner from watching Superboy on TV"
"What was tricky about that?"
"Because there was a Halloween costume party the next week, and he turned up
there as-"
"Superboy. Right".
Jordan shook his head. "No. He turned little baby nude up as Clark Kent. With these fake
glasses with no lenses in them. But he had his shirt torn at the front and
pinned back so that you could see, you know, the big S beneath, and this
skintight lycra. It was stretched so tight across his chest, his nipples
were poking through. And you could just see this tight, flat stomach
underneath, but only just. So he was dressed like this total geek with this
absolute stud showing through the rip in his shirt. That damn lycra was so
tight, it was like he'd painted his chest red and blue."
"What did you go as?"
"Ha. As a basketball-playing high school jock. He spent the whole night
surrounded by girls who wanted a feel, or were trying to get him to take the
shirt right off. But he didn't. And I knew he was dressed like that for me.
And I thought, that's it; Tonight. I'm going to get him alone and... find
out if he meant all this, or if it was just some way of fucking me around.
And if he did mean it, we were going to go someplace and this was finally
going to happen. This wasn't just something I wanted anymore, I NEEDED to
fuck him. I needed him to lovely little pussies be mine, even if it was just for one night. I was
gonna get him somewhere and pin him down and make him little boy cocks
know just how fucking
much desire I had for him.
"So I stayed closed to him all night. By then I didn't fucking care how it
looked. I just kept him in my sight all the time. He barely even
acknowledged me for hours and I was getting really frustrated, but then he
just suddenly turned round and whispered in my ear 'Meet me in the street in
five minutes. We'll go back to my place'. Then he went out the front door.
"I waited two minutes, tops. When pics little girlnude
I got out there he'd already took off his
shirt and he was leaning against my car in this skintight spandex. It was
this suburban street but little nude nudists I didn't care if anyone could see, I kissed him. I
really went for it too, I had him bent back over the roof of my car and I
had my hands pressed against his chest. It was so firm and so hot, I could
feel his heart pounding like mine was. Jesus, it was so goddamn great to be
inside his mouth. I kept trying to draw away but kept going back. I had
tears in 3d little girl my eyes I wanted him so much. I was saying 'Oh man, I fucking want
you so much, Tom, you're gonna let me do it tonight aren't you, you're going
to let fuck little sister me fuck you?'
"And he says 'Oh God, Jordan, yeah', and with this titanic little illegal teen
effort of will I
managed to pull away from him so we could get into the car. I was looking at
his body and how good it made me feel and I just thought, man is this it.
"My hands were fucking trembling when I put them on the steering wheel. I'm
amazed I even made it it to his house. little nymph nudist Luckily it wasn't far off. I asked
him where his parents were and he said they were away for the weekend, that
we'd little innocent girls
be alone.
"It seemed to take forever to drive about four blocks away, then when we got
there I was kissing him all the way up the drive, and feeling his hot
muscles through this spandex. He was unbuttoning my flies and getting his
keys from his pocket, opening the door. nude little japan
little axe And I was reaching into his pockets
too, getting the keys out myself and taking them little alysa
from him, and while I was
in there I was feeling his wad through the pockets. I got hold of the keys
and I unlocked the door and I dragged him through it.
"His house was dark. I didn't bother putting any lights on. I had hold of
him by the bicep, and I was really turned on by how firm it was. I had the
other hand on the back of his head. I was clenching his thick hair with it.
It felt really good to be inside his home with him. Alone there. And I was
dragging him upstairs, had tight hold of him to make sure he didn't go
anywhere, because I needed this now, right now. God, I felt so high on
fucking testosterone, it was so great to know little bum that this guy belonged to me.
"I took him to his parents bedroom and shoved him onto the bed. He pulled
off his pants and I saw the spandex ended in these shorts. I could see his
big erection through it, oh yeah, and that little dick porn
beautiful ass
"I said 'Oh fuck, Tom, you are a fucking superboy'
"And he said manga little girl
'Come on little lupe fuck then, Lex, make like kryptonite'
"I was tearing my clothes off, staring at him the whole time, the way he was
lying on that big bed offering himself to me. Then I was naked with this
huge erection, and I was showing it to him , showing little angels xxx him how hard he got little black backpack me.
'Oh yeah' he said, 'Your cock's just the way I imagined it. Oh God, yeah, a
great big man's cock, I knew you must have one as big as that'
"I climbed onto the bed and straddled him. I kissed him some more and little asian teen
I was
running my hands down his chest and down the sides of his waist. I loved the
feeling of his body under mine, clutched between little boy nud my thighs. I said right
into his ear 'You know, this is it now', taking hold of the spandex by the
collar and tearing at it. What he was wearing was so thin that it tore
really easily. I was so turned on to be ripping him out of his clothes,
especially when I saw his pubes, and then his dick and his balls came
bursting out of this tight package. He said 'Your cock's going to be too big
for me, Jordan, my ass has never been fucked before. It's gonna be so tight
for you, I want you to force your way little hand job in as hard as you can, stretch my
asshole around that great big cock'
"I peeled the spandex down his legs and he wriggled out of it. It looked
really small now it wearelittlestars beatriz was off his body, it had been so damn tight.
"Now we were tgp petite little both naked. I was cumming already, it was shooting out at a
thousand miles an hour, squirting little naked naturism
all over the headboard, and then over his
shoulder and on his chest. It didn't make any difference. My cock was just
as pumped up and ready as before. I smeared the cum around it to make it
slick, and then I climbed off him so I could lift his beautiful long legs by
the ankles. He helped me by lifting them himself, and I said I wanted them
right back over his head, I wanted his asshole as open as possible. So he
did. he rolled backwards a little, lifted his legs up and out and hooked his
feet over the headboard behind him. He was wide open, and he was pulling his
hole apart with his fingers.
'Fuck me' he said.
"I aimed my cock at the hole he was pulling open for me. I was surprised how
easily the head slipped in. And then the heat of his body, the inside of
this guy's asshole was around my cock head. I couldn't believe how good this
was. I had to see the look on his pretty face. It was this fantastic look of
realisation as he found out what it felt like to be penetrated.
"And I just said 'I'm inside you, Tom, oh God yeah I'm inside you'. And I
was little innocent sex
thrusting boys little sexi my cock into him, this meat weapon I had for invading his
body, I was pushing harder and harder and he started making this really
satisfying grunting sound as I got further and further into him, his hands
grasping hold little girls bra
of the bedcovers and crumpling them up.
"I was massaging his sculpted chest, it really turned me on. 'Oh yeah, boy,
give me those tits, I love your tight pecs', and he had his teeth clenched
and his eyes tight little agency pics shut as my cock pushed against his tiny little thongs insides. I said 'Yeah,
take that you hot bastard, you've made me wait so long for nude little mermaid this, now my
cock's gonna bust this tight cave of yours wide open'. His whole body was
bucking and tightening with the strain, and it turned me on even more. Then
his eyes and his mouth fell wide open and he was panting heavily little princess and
couldn't say anything, he was just gasping and nudest little girls
moaning. It was fucking
great, I was cocking him senseless! I yelled 'Oh yeah you sexy faggot, give
in to me... you've made me little cuties tgp wait so long but now your boy cunt is all mine'
"After I came into him and watched him writhe with the pleasure of all the
jizz in his guts, I flipped him over and started all over again. Now I could
wrap my arms right around him and I could put my mouth right up to his ear.
I buried my cock in him and kept him as close as I could and it was the
greatest satisfaction I'd ever known. This strong, sexy guy had surrendered
to me, and now he was limp in my arms and taking my dick into him. God, I
had him".
"But", he added a second later, "I never had him again. Never even saw him
really, after we'd graduated. He moved on to other guys. He knew how sexy he
was and he was out to get as many dicks up him as he could"
"But now?"
"Now we're looking for someone for this new Superboy show. And this is the
sexiest Clark Kent you ever saw"
"Can he act?" I said, and we both laughed."Hi, Jordan. Hi, you must be Jack. I'm Tom, Tom Welling"It was true, the guy was absolutely stunning. It was pretty clear from his
minimal but teasing conversation that he was ready now, so we went back to
my hotel room almost immediately. We stripped him, bent him over a table and
fucked him from both ends. The bitch was so easy. I took his asshole, and it
was really satisfying to feel how tight it still was, little preeten
how young, really fun
to try my damnedest to stretch out the muscles inside him, shooting my
blistering hot load as I thrust against them. "Fuck yeah, oh yeah, fuuuck
you, yeah, you model prettyboy..."
Jordan frantically facefucked him, panting "Christ, yeah! You're even hotter
now than you were then, you hot fucking slut", and when he was done jizzing
down his throat he took his cock out of the wet mouth and spurted out
another load of cum, enough to rub into the boy's thick black hair. Turned
on by this action, I climbed onto little child sexy him and came on his hair too, and we
slicked the hair back from his face with our mixed cum. Then we lay him on
his back - he was totally pliant, our toy for the night, and beyond -, and
Jordan straddled his head and shoved his toned, bronzed ass over Tom's
fantastic, gorgeous model face, swivelling and grinding and jerking himself
off as he felt that perfect face enslaved to his ass, Tom's amazing beauty
trapped beneath his shithole and pleasuring him. Tom lifted his lithe,
strong legs for me to fuck him from the front, and Jordan grabbed them,
wrapping his thickly muscled arms beneath Tom's knees and keeping them
pressed tight against him. I pulled Tom's hot hole wider with my fingers and
shoved this great dildo up there. And with both my hands, with all my
strength, I kept pushing it deeper and deeper until it could go no further.
Tom convulsed and writhed, and I jerked myself off slowly and rhythmically
as I watched him, and watched Jordan's ferocious animal pleasure at
conquering him, at sitting on his face, before I shot glistening ribbons of
cum over his flat stomach and then spilled a river of piss on his stomach
and his chest.Hey, this guy already had the part. But I was in New York for two more days
and I wasn't going to tell him that until they were over.

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