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Related post: Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 19:56:51 PDT
From: Sissipus !
Subject: Lucky Slots (tg, bodyswap, bi) Please be aware real 11yo sex porn that nubiles girl 16 old the following tale of fun and depravity does
contain adult 12yo erections material. If you are under 18, or object to explicit sex,
then stop reading NOW and go do something innocent, wholesome, and
Otherwise, enjoy yourself, hon!
Lucky Slots
by Tanya Sissipus "Come on . . . please . . ." Damn! Nothing again. I'd been sitting at
the same damned slot machine for an hour, and all I'd managed to do was
break even about twenty minutes ago. It was starting to piss me off - I
DO NOT like to lose - and I must have looked it because the cocktail
waitresses were avoiding me like the plague.
Ah, the cocktail waitresses. Where the Casino had found so many
good-looking women, I have no idea. They appealed to all tastes - short
and tall, slim and voluptuous, sweet and slutty - but they all looked
fantastic. The one who'd been working my section of the floor had been
nothing less than Amazonian Goddess! About 6 foot two, hairy 16yr pussy
built, nice tits, with long curly black hair that you just wanted to
smother yourself in. Even in the smoky room, she'd smelled just as sweet
as her name bc girls nude 16 - Rosemary.
"Shit!" Another loser. Feeding another token into the machine, I told
myself I'd quit if I could only break even. Of course, that's what I'd
said a half hour ago, and now I was another fifty bucks in the hole.
That's it. 5 star porn I wasn't feeding this one-armed bandit any more of my money. 8 tube squirting

I grabbed my bucket of tokens and decided to look for Rosemary's
replacement. The heat of the crowds and the smoke in the air were drying
out my eyes and my throat. Maybe, if I could get another 24 in bathroom vanity watered-down
beer into me, I'd feel a little better.
Suddenly, before I could spot the distinctive silver halter and black 14 yo thumbnails
miniskirt of a cocktail waitress, I froze. 1930 celebrities The slot machine beside me
was empty - an unusual H9RSE PORNO TUBE SEX enough sight on its own - and it seemed to be
calling to me. Yeah, I know, it sounds stupid, but I just had a feeling.
Five bucks later, I was ready to toss that `feeling' out the door. I'd
won a few coins here and there, but nothing special. "Well," I told
myself, "Looks like you have no choice." I felt like an idiot for even
thinking of it, but at least I wasn't alone. 13131 escort All the chain-smoking,
near-drunk, gambling addicts were doing it - and 1 free porn finder
it seemed to be paying
Yup, you guessed it. I was gonna try sweet-talking my machine.
"Please, baby, you can do it. I know you can."
"Just one winner, just one. That's all I ask."
Again, nothing.
"Come on, daddy needs a new pair of shoes!" What can I say? I saw it in
a movie once.
Wow! A whole quarter!
Now I was inspired. Taking a quick look around, I leaned close and
whispered "Come on, sissy needs a new pair of breasts." I took a deep
breath and decided to bet the maximum - go for the jackpot. I'd always
dreamed about winning enough to live as a full-time sissy, but had never
admitted it to anyone before. Maybe a little honesty with my machine
would pay off. If not, I promised myself that'd be it for the day.
Yeah, right.
Excited, I watched the three tiny windows as the wheels behind them
spun to a halt. It seemed to take forever, and I felt as if the entire
building had stopped to watch.
Stupid, I know, but it was late and I was getting desperate.
The first one slowed, and 15 y.o. asian porn stopped. "Blue seven . . ." Not bad - I would
have preferred a purple seven - but two more and I'd be a hundred bucks
The second bombshell bottoms 3
clicked into place. "Blue seven . . ." Yes - just one more
Just when it looked like the last one would stop, it seemed to pick up
speed before slowing again. "A double diamond?" Where the Hell had that
come from? There were no diamonds on this machine - just coloured
sevens. No wonder I couldn't win - the sucker was rigged!
"Hey, way to go!" As some drunken lout slapped me on the back, I
realized the siren above me was flashing and squealing. I'd waited years
to have it happen, but why now? That was only for the big jackpots, not naked 14 girl pictures
a measly hundred bucks. Unless . . . oh, shit - unless they thought I
had rigged the machine!
Panicked, I spun around, 2 week pregnant symptoms fighting every inch of the way. Damn, right
when I needed to get away fast, my stool had to go and seize up on me.
This whole night was turning into one long, endless nightmare.
"Oh, no need to get up Mrs. Hanhouser." Her arm waving, a petite blonde
waitress hurried towards me. Relieved, I watched her approach, my eyes
jumping between her bouncing breasts and swaying hips. Obviously, it
wasn't MY siren that had gone off porn tupe 8 - it must have been the machine behind
As Veronica - I could read her name now - teetered my way across the
red carpet on three-inch heels, I decided to quit after all. My mind 13 yo nude blowjob was
playing tricks on me, and that seemed as good a signal as any. I'd been
here WAY too long, and would just lose more money if I stayed.
"Hi, I'll stay with you until the attendant arrives." This was getting
too weird. The blonde cocktail waitress had stopped beside ME, put her
delicate hand on MY shoulder, and was talking to ME!
"A little overwhelmed, are we?" Smiling, she told me "A fourteen
thousand-dollar jackpot will do that to you. Would you like me to send
for Mr. Hanhouser?" Pointing through the white arch behind us, she said
"I believe he's at the blackjack table."
What was she taking about? Who did she think I was? Confused, I looked
back to my machine - and saw not two sevens and a double diamond, but
THREE double diamonds! "But, that can't be," I whispered. "It's
"I know," she smiled, "It does seem that way sometimes, doesn't it?"
"No, you don't understand." Slowly, I turned, again fighting for every
inch. Dammit! What was happening to me?
"Janice!" Suddenly, I had some three-hundred pound stranger - who stank
of cheap cologne - throwing his hairy arms around me. "You did it,
baby!" Pressing his bald, sweaty forehead against mine, he screamed "You
did it!"
"G-get off!" Disgusted, I pushed him away - and incest daughter 10 suddenly froze. The
hands before me were huge, and my fingers were swollen to three times
their size. But . . . they were also covered in cheap rings, three of
four to a finger, with gaudy pieces of glass taking the place of gems. A
sinking feeling in my stomach, I traced those hands back to a pair of
huge flabby wrists, more gaudy jewellery in the form of bracelets and a
watch, and arms bigger than my thighs!
I didn't have to go any farther to know this wasn't me, but couldn't
stop myself.
"I think she just needs a minute to catch her breath," the waitress
said. "She'll be fine, Sir, really."
Fine? Fine? I was most definitely NOT fine! As I looked down to examine
the rest of my body I found a trio of flabby double chins, sagging 60DDD
tits, a gut that would have put a teamster to shame, hips bigger than
three of me put together, feet that had to be size fifteens - and all
wrapped in a paisley mu-mu. Gawd, I 12yo non nude girls was some ugly, whale-sized piece of
trailer trash!
But . . . if that all meant what I THOUGHT it meant . . . where was MY
"Where . . ." taking a deep breath, I asked "Where is he?"
Still trying to soothe my husband's wounded feelings, Veronica asked
Damn - how was I gonna explain prettens 7 yo nudes this? "Ah, young guy," I replied, "Dark
hair, wearing a purple t-shirt, black shorts, and black sandals." As my
fat ass slid off the stool with a sickening squelch, I began peering
over the machines, trying to get my bearings.
"You goddamned hussy!" Pulling away from the cocktail waitress, my
so-called husband accused "You win a few bucks and already you're ready
to run off with a younger man!"
Pushing the angry lout away, I lumbered awkwardly into the aisle. Gawd,
this body moved like a top-heavy freight train, but at least I could
plow my way through the crowds with it. Now antibody antiphospholipid hiv cd4
that I knew where I was, I
knew exactly how to get to where my body was. Or, where it had been 15 yo sucking cock a
few minutes ago.
I tried not to think about what I'd do if it wasn't still there.
"Mrs. Hanhouser? Mrs. Hanhouser!" Skipping after me, the little 3-d porn gallery
cocktail waitress looked absurdly small, almost swallowed by my shadow.
"Shall I porno 65 video free have your husband sign for the winnings, or leave them with the
coin-bank for you?"
"I don't care," I snapped. "Just get the fuck away from me!" I was 92 eclipse trans fluid

scared, more scared than I had ever been in my life. All those times I
had dreamed about swapping bodies with a cute babe like Veronica, 18 gruls nude
never imagined getting stuck inside the monster I was now. What would I
do if I WERE stuck? I couldn't live my life like this! Gawd, no human
being should have to live like this! Another bon-bon, and I'd be one of
those tabloid freaks forever confined to a soggy, stinking mattress on
the floor of a condemned shack.
Fighting to slow the considerable momentum of incest 4 Mrs. Hanhouser's mountain
of flesh, I grabbed the edge of a silver slot machine and started to
turn. This was where 12yo girls pics
I'd been playing - I remembered the washrooms at
the end of the row.
Unfortunately, I wasn't there anymore.
"Shit!" Screaming at anybody who'd listen, I asked 13yo girls porn
"Where did she go?
Tell me!" Spittle flying in all directions, I shrieked "Where the fuck
did she go?"
Shifting around to protect his new bride, a young Italian asked "Who?"
"The bitch who stole my fucking body!"
Now I'd done it. I could have come looking for my `son' or something,
taken a minute to make up a reasonable story, but I'd blown it. Instead
of offering their sympathies, everyone was ignoring the fat drunk,
concentrating especially hard on their machines to avoid fuck girls 18 yers meeting my
eyes. What the Hell was I supposed to do?
As another siren began screaming in my ear, I sighed and collapsed onto
my old stool - fully expecting it to collapse beneath me. I needed time
to think, to figure something out, to -
"Cheryl! We did it! We did it!"
Now what? A VERY attractive redhead was hugging me tight, giggling and
kissing me like I was a long-lost 12yo large tits lover. Who was she supposed to be? 30 pluss sexy
daughter? If so, she definitely did NOT take after her mother.
"Come on! Show a little enthusiasm!" Seizing my hand, she 25w black cargo pants yanked me off
the stool and began dancing around the machine. "Smile, silly - you just
won us five thousand bucks!"
Shocked at how easily she'd pulled me to my feet, I looked down . . .
and laughed! Not only laughed, but grabbed my beautiful partner and
joined her in the wildest, craziest, silliest moment of my life. I was
free! Free of that half-ton cow, and magically transformed into a rather
striking young woman, much more in keeping with my dreams.
"Yes! Yes!" Loving the feel of my perky breasts pressed against my
partner's, I kissed her hard - and was thrilled when she returned it!
Man, first I was suddenly a babe, and now I was a babe with a japan 15 yo naked beautiful
lesbian lover. Grinding my cunt against valacycl9vir her probing fingers, I didn't
care who saw us or what they might think.
"Congratulations, ladies. Will that be cash or cheque?" Before the
redhead in my arms could reply, I cried "Cheque!" Grinning, I told the
middle-aged slot attendant "Just make it out to Cheryl and . . ."
". . . and Lisa," my lover added.
Yes! Step one accomplished - I'd learned her name. Now, step two - we
take the money, find a nice hotel room, and have some fun!
With a mischievous giggle, she snatched the cheque from his hands and
stuffed it down her bra. Then, dancing backwards, she taunted "If you
want it, you'd better come and get it!"
I laughed, my fears of a moment ago completely forgotten. I'd sooner
have died than live as Mrs. Hanhouser, but now it was the other 40 something amateur porn way
around. I'd sooner have died than go BACK to my old body. Somewhere in
the Casino, I knew, there was a confused young man and older woman
looking for themselves. I felt bad for them, but since I had no more
idea what had happened than they did, I wanted siemens sl 370
to be gone before they
found ME.
So, arm in arm, our breasts snuggling against one another, and our
hands roaming around c0805 cummins beneath each other's skirts, Lisa and I danced our
way across the crowded room. I knew absolutely nothing about her - or
myself - but was looking forward to spending a night exploring those
Not to mention, a wonderful morning with the promise of more
spectacular nights to come.
"What d'ya wanna do first, hon?" I grinned. Bumping my tight little ass
against anything that moved, I told Lisa "Personally, I think I'd like
to do a little muff-diving."
"You naughty fucking dyke!" My redheaded lover laughed, surprising me
as she rammed her finger deep into my cunt. "I wanna follow THAT," she
moaned. Jerking me away from the centre of the crowd, she slammed hard
against a marble pillar. "Follow it," she whispered, "And see how much
of my hand I can fuck you with tonight!"
"Mmmmm, 9 grade nude sounds good to me." Crushing her between my hot body and the
cold stone behind her, I pressed my lips against hers and kissed. It was
so different, kissing as a girl, and I loved it. As our tongues
playfully licked one another, we smeared red lipstick across our faces,
well aware of what people must be thinking. Gawd, I was loving this!
Even more turned on than me, Lisa suddenly pulled me to a stop. "Do
me," she breathed, "Right here. Fuck me on the floor and give the folks
a show." Then, taking my face in her hands, she gently forced me to lean
back, took a deep breath, and kraddy android porn mp3 -
- And 8 inch large dicks I doubled 3m anti slip tape
over in a fit of coughing, forcing 420 stainless steel strip
my lungs to expel
the foul cloud of smoke I'd just inhaled. Painfully aware of the jackpot
siren behind me, I spat the cigarette out of my mouth and looked up in
"Lisa!" My voice was deep and husky, the result 40b panties
of too much hard liquor
and too many cigarettes. Tears in my eyes, I looked to the front
entrance and watched my lesbian lover drag a suddenly reluctant Cheryl
out the door. No! It wasn't fair! We'd been so close, only a few feet
away from the life I craved! Why did this keep happening to me!
This time, there was nobody around to congratulate me. No friendly
waitress, no husband, no lover, not even 12y nude pics a disinterested stranger.
Looking at the line of wine glasses atop my machine and the overflowing
bucket of cigarette butts beside it, I could understand why.
"Two hundred and fifty bucks?" I cried. "That's no jackpot! Why the
siren?" Looking down at the machine - and the three cherries it
displayed - I found my explanation. It had run out of coins, so the only
way to pay even my small jackpot was to flash away until an attendant
arrived. Dammit! If only drum cart 30 gal the fucking attendants had kept the machine
stocked, it would have been ME that Lisa dragged through those doors!
"It's not fair!"
"You want that in 1 a breast tokens?" a bored looking young man asked, "Or shall I
just credit your bar-tab?"
"Ah . . ." Did it really matter? Would my gambling make ANY difference?
Maybe I should just take the bar-tap and get rip-roaring drunk. Take a
chance on forgetting this whole crazy night and HOPEFULLY sober up in my
own body. "W-w-well," I stammered, "What do you-"
Again with the fucking sirens!
"Guess you won't be needing that change after all!" The plump little
brunette smiled, dumping the handful of tokens back into her cart.
Looking down at my thirty-something, very average form, I moaned. "Oh,
not again." She wasn't as bad as Mrs. Hanhouser or the chain-smoking
drunk - decent legs with fat thighs, sharp bony hips, a generous
stomach, and C-cup 3 d incest cartoons tits - but she was no Cheryl.
"Again? You taking ALL our money, April?"
"Ah, yeah." Shaking my head in disbelief, I said "Guess I am."
Signing her name to the bottom of the mobile porn mp3 slip, the attendant told me "You
just take this 24r twin cam engine voucher to the token bank - not the chip bank - and
they'll cash it for you."
"Thanks." Right now, though, that was the farthest thing on my mind.
Strangely exhausted, I adjusted my purse and sighed. What was I supposed
to do now? 1 gal metal pails Get the Hell out of here in a body that didn't totally
disgust me, or sit around and take my chances?
Motioning for me to lean over, the shorter woman asked "Would you like
me to hold your machine while you run to the ladies' room?"
Clearly embarrassed, she moved the change-cart between me dk 817 lubricant and the crowd
before pointing out the problem. There, in the crotch of 14 yr pussy pic
my white
stretch-pants, was a wet, red-brown stain. Rapidly spreading, it was
becoming more noticeable by the second.
"Oh, shit!" Afraid to touch it, I sobbed "I really don't need this."
"Must have been all the excitement. You know, all the jumping and
twisting?" She shook her head sadly. "Pads just don't do the job they
used to."
Gratefully accepting her offer, I took a moment to 12yr pussy pics ask for directions
and ran for the girls14 nude bathroom. That hot 12yo girls naked short jog, across maybe a half dozen
yards of matted carpet, was one of the longest of my life. If I'd been
wearing heels, I'd probably have tossed them aside just to make up an
extra second of time. Finally, I banged into the solid oak door of the
washroom, cringing at the deep `boom' as it bounced back off the wall.
Then, safely inside, I slammed a quarter into the maxi-pad dispenser and
yanked the lever.
Fitting - just like some perverted slot machine.
"That one's all out," 13 yr pussy a tipsy voice cried from one of the stalls. 34b boob

"Y'all need a - hiccup! - a tampon."
"Dammit!" I slammed a feminine fist against the machine, ironically
jarring the `empty' light into operation. As if my situation weren't bad
enough, now I had to fight with a freaking tampon! Ignoring the
overdressed tramps over by the sink - nobody 13 yo tits
needed that much makeup - I
slipped my last quarter into the neighbouring machine and pulled. Then,
ripping the blue-and-white wrapper from the nudes 15 y.o slot, I stalked 13yo naked boy gallery
into the sex girls 12 yo

first stall available and slammed the door behind me.
"Oh, yuck." My once-white panties were ruined, and I was hoping like
Hell I had a jacket somewhere to tie around my waist. Tossing the
bloodstained panties behind the toilet, I tore 14-16 porn old girls open the tampon and tried
to figure exactly how it worked. "Hmm, looks simple enough," I decided
after a while. So, taking a deep breath, I placed the rough cardboard
applicator to my cunt and -
Only vaguely aware of the flashing red light gangbang girl 28 and piercing wail before
me, I moaned naked 13yo boy masturbate softly. If this 18 and busty anita was what it felt like to wear a tampon . .
. well, 13yo fuck pics
you could sign me up for permanent periods right now!
"Oh my God! Oh my God!" Suddenly aware of his hands on my tits, I heard
a dark-haired stranger promise "We're taking that honeymoon in the
tropics after all!"
"W-w-what?" Again, I moaned, but the money had nothing to do with it.
Recognizing the Italian newlywed from before, I looked down and gasped.
He'd set me on his lap, hiked up the white lace skirt of my wedding
dress, and was fucking me in public! That wasn't a tampon I felt down
there - it was some guy's cock! I had another man's dick inside me -
and, worst of all, was still bouncing up and down, enjoying it!
"What do ya say to that, Fiona?"
I tried to respond, to say something, but that stiff cock ramming into
me from below was demanding all my concentration. Ohhhh, it felt so
good! This was what sex was supposed to be like - that I was sure - but
this wasn't the time. "L-l-l-later," I gasped, trying to move away. I
was about to demand he let me go before the Casino staff arrived, but
never got the chance. Whether it was the excitement or what, I don't
know, but he exploded into my cunt, his torrent of cum silencing my
"Unngghhhh!" As his hips bucked upwards into mine, I had an orgasm of
my own - my first as a woman! "Ohhhhhh . . . fuuuuccckkkkkkk!" I threw
my arms around him on reflex, crushing his head to my breasts as I rode
out the most fantastic moment of my life. Suddenly, I wasn't regretting
the lost opportunity of Lisa anymore! I was 12y porn xxx
a real woman, with a real
man, and he was making me feel just like I'd always wanted to feel!
Gawd, this was amazing!
"Argggh!" Almost tearing away my nipples with his teeth, my husband
cried "Soon as we get back to Momma's, you're gonna get on your knees 10 minute porn videos
and thank me, you wonderful slut!" Looking up at me with love in his
eyes, he grinned - 10 yr old fucking and I found myself grinning back.
Another siren kept me from hearing what was to come next.
"-fucking cunt!" A long brown cigarette dangling between her lips, a
middle-aged brunette pushed me away from the machine. "I was gonna play
that! You fucking stole it!"
Talk about walking into the middle of a fight! At least I had the
advantage of knowing she was in the wrong. If it HAD been her machine,
if SHE had been the one to win, I wouldn't have been inside the
sickeningly-thin female body I was now.
"The Hell you were," I snarled. Angry, nude girls 13-17 pics
I shoved her back, well-aware
that I was acting out the fury and fear of my bizarre predicament. She
probably deserved it, but I wasn't lashing out at her - I was fighting
back 338 ultra brass against whatever sinister force had put me there.
"Aiiieeee!" Suddenly, the catty little bitch lunged for my face, her
inch-long nails driving straight for my eyes. The part of me that was
still an envious little sissy whistled appreciatively at the manicured
designs, but the rest of me was all woman.
And that part hauled back and decked her. Satisfied, I took a moment to
make sure I hadn't broken a nail, the looked down in disgust. I
deliberately rested my hand on the arm of MY slot machine, smiling all
the while. "Looks like you picked the wrong bitch to mess-"
This 6m amateur band time, I swear I felt the siren before I heard it.
"Yes!" Kissing me affectionately on the cheek, and clean-cut young man
told me "Looks like we won't have to worry about little Charlie's
college tuition after all!"
A few minutes - and a couple bodies - ago, a lusty Italian stallion had
been fucking my brains out. Now? Now all I got was under12 nude
a 14yo nude girl galleries friendly little
kiss on the cheek! Maybe I was expecting too 26 inch cock much, maybe this was 11yr girls pics all
most women received, but I felt cheated! "Huh?" I managed to reply.
He put his hand on my stomach and smiled. "Whoo! You feel that, honey?
Our little boy knows exactly what Mommy won!"
Now that he mentioned it, I DID feel it. Caught somewhere begin panic
and bliss, I looked down and stared at my hugely swollen - and very
pregnant - tummy. Inside, I 97 ford escort halfshaft could actually feel the baby floating
around, kicking against me in his excitement. It was definitely the
weirdest sensation of my life, but in that short moment, I understood
the love a mother feels for her child. An instant bond had been formed
there, and I was already fearing the swap that would suddenly sever it.
"Honey?" I asked. "Can you get the money? Meet me . pictures of 12yr nude . ."
Clasping my hand over our child, he asked "Meet you where, Nancy?"
I'd been planning to run to the car, to escape the threat of more swaps
inside the Casino, but suddenly czech 12yo sex wasn't so sure. Yes, it felt wonderful
now, more feminine than 12chan cindy I could ever dream of being as a sissy, but did
I really want it? Could I handle the next few months of carrying the
baby to term? Would the pain of labour be as bad as I feared? Worst of
all, what kind of a mother would I make?
Before I could make up my mind, another damned siren snatched me away.
"You go, girl!" A towering black stud was nudist girl 70s hugging me from behind,
forcing one of my own black titties to 3pic nude
pop free in all the excitement.
Fondling it in plain sight of our neighbours, he proudly proclaimed "You
the best piece of ass I EVER had!"
Yet another siren stole that moment away from me, followed by another .
. . and another . . . and another . . .
One minute I was a skinny, near-sighted waif, with my proud father
rubbing my head. We'd just won ten grand, and I could already sense I'd
never see a dime.
Seconds later, I was another mountain of flesh, easily twice the 17 yo girls xxx
of Mrs. Hanhouser. Somehow, I'd jumped up from my stool and was pumping
my arms in glee, my whole body rumbling with excitement. I could feel
the waves of fat amatuer 16 anal racing around me, 40 wide curtain sheers and wanted to be sick right then and
Just as suddenly, I was a lonely little nun, clapping for joy. Very
proper and demure, I was smiling and waiting patiently for the attendant
to arrive. The machine was flashing one thousand dollars even, but I had
a feeling neither church nor orphanage would benefit. She sex hungary 3gp rapidshare
was gone, just
as I'd soon be, and it was anybody's guess who would take up residence
From there, the jackpot sirens sent me sailing into an 10 y.o free girls incredibly
provocatively dressed young whore - with no less than seven men
congratulating me!
"Penthouse suite, 6 twin step ladder here we come!"
"Remember our deal, Tricia," another leered. "You let us videotape our
little gangbang, let the world watch asian girl naked 16 us fill YOUR slot, and you can keep
what came out of this one." As his buddies laughed at his joke, 49 porn the
greasy-haired, middle-aged guy began 1 strap walker fondling his crotch.
I tits 12yo
was debating whether to take my chances as a high-priced whore or
kick him bollywood outfits in 1960
in the balls when it happened again.
And again.
And again.
And again . . . That was all a year ago now, three hundred and sixty five days in the
past. I've put several thousand bodies behind me - some I was only too
happy to be rid of, others I still cry over losing. I can't tell you how
many times I tried to escape, but I CAN tell you how many times I made
it to the doors. Once, just once, I got that far only to spend the next free her 1st anal

three weeks bouncing between a series of fat ugly women, each worse than
the one before her.
Oh, there HAVE been memorable moments. Like the one Sunday night,
around three a.m., when I managed to hold onto a cute blonde for almost
half an hour. Then there was the time I stole ten minutes of forbidden
love with a cocktail waitress, a share of my winnings seducing her into
the washroom. I'd even spent one dizzying day bouncing from woman to
woman, never lasting more than a minute in each, but beginning and
ending each swap with my husband's/boyfriend's/lover's lips locked
around mine.
I've truly experienced every aspect of what 16 yo nude female it means to be a woman, in
every way shape and form.
I'd like to escape. I'd like to be free. Hell, I'd even be happy to get
out with Mr. Hanhouser and spend my days as his fat ugly cow of a wife.
At least my nightmare would be over.
Mostly, though, I'd like to have never said those nine little words.
Better yet, I'd like to have never even COME to the Casino in the first
place. Best of all, I'd like them to have never Colt 45 boobs even BUILT the Casino in
`Come on, sissy needs a new pair of breasts' indeed.
There ped 12yo goes that fucking siren again.*******
Mmmm, hope you enjoyed that. Are your pretty panties nice and wet?
Is your lovely cock good and hard? Maybe your wonderful tits are
tingling, hmm? Why not email me ( or stop by
( and let me know how I can help (grin).
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